What is the Temperament of an Aussiedoodle?

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Temperament is something that is crucial about dogs. Every dog may have a different temperament. How about the temperament of an Aussiedoodle? Is this dog a lovable dog or a dangerous dog? You are able to read the explanation about the temperament of an Aussiedoodle below.

The Temperament of an AussieDoodle

According to the Pet Guide site, the temperament of an Aussiedoodle is energetic, playful, loving and devoted where these traits are quite common in their parents namely Poodle and Australian Shepherd.

What is the Temperament of an Aussiedoodl

Aussiedoodles are described as affectionate and devoted dogs to their owners. Nevertheless, the owners of the Aussiedoodles need to provide rules, boundaries and limitations and also consistent leadership. It is done to ensure a well-behaved and balanced dog. It is important for you to note that some dog breeds may genetically have good behaviour. However, if they are not trained properly, it is impossible that they will grow into their best selves.

The Aussiedoodle puppy is also described as a rambunctious little puppy. So, sometimes they are able to get a little out of control when they are still young. It means that even though Aussiedoodles are very loving to children, they need to be supervised when they are around very young children because they may accidentally hurt the children because the puppies are very energetic.

Sometimes, this breed retains the herding instincts of the Australian Shepherd. These instincts should be kept and corrected since the Aussiedoodles are very young. On the Perfect Dog Breeds site, it is explained that these dogs can be hyperactive and destructive if they are not exercised regularly. They also have strong social skills so that they do not have problems when they are making friends.

Even though Aussiedoodles have positive temperaments as explained above, however, it is important for you to note that if you are a muslim, you are forbidden to have dogs, except for watchdogs. So, you have to be careful with it and it is better for you to have other pets like cats, cows, birds or other pets.

The Appearance of AussieDoodle

The Appearance of AussieDoodle

As explained on the Daily Paws site, Aussiedoodles have a number of coat color and texture variations. It is mainly because of the merle qualities of their Australian Shepherd parents and the range of solid colors from their poodle parents.

Did you know that there are some sciences to help explain the good looks of an Aussiedoodle? The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at UC Davis notes that some genes may prompt more fur curl, while other genes determine fuzzy eyebrows, a bushy muzzle, and the dominance of merle dappling. You may find an Aussiedoodle dog which may have more of a soft-but-scruffy tricolor coat with varying shades of beige, white, blue, tan, red, gray, chocolate, brown, and black. Or, you may see Aussiedoodles which have tight, fluffy curls with more solid versions of those colors. If you see red merle and blue merle Aussiedoodles, usually they are the product of a white or cream-colored poodle parent and a merle Australian shepherd parent since the merle gene is dominant.

For your information, merle or piebald genes also have a role in the variance of eye color in Aussiedoodles. Their round eyes are expressive and they are very striking. They may be soft green, bright blue, light amber, or deep brown, even some dogs have heterochromia which is a condition that produces two eyes of different colors.

How about Aussidoodles’s muzzle? Even though Australian Shepherds and Poodles have long, narrow snouts, Aussiedoodles generally have round heads, short muzzles with occasional mustaches and also a big nose which is boopable. For ears, you can see that their ears are wooly and floppy.

Now, how about their size? They come in varying sizes and weights due to their poodle parents. Toy Aussiedoodles are possible that they are the offspring of toy poodles and usually they are under 20 pounds and about 14 inches tall. Standard Aussiedoodles have standard poodle genes and usually they are more athletic where their size will reach around 75 pounds and 25 inches tall at their shoulder.

The History of AussieDoodles

Over the years, the Aussiedoodles breed may have existed naturally. However, designer breeders began to mix Australian Shepherds and Poodles intentionally in the late 1990s or early 2000s and it was likely in North America.

As you can see that this breed is playful, cute and smart so no wonder why this breed is popular. Sometimes, this breed is described as a hypoallergenic dog option for people who suffer from allergies, but in fact, there is no dog which is completely hypoallergenic.

Aussiedoodles Common Health Problems

You may have heard from many people that purebred crosses are the healthiest type of dog. However, the fact is that they are more complicated. Of course, hybrids can be more resilient and healthier than their purebred parents. However, their mixed breed origin is not a guarantee of absolute health as explained on the Pet Guide site. The thing that you should note is that all dogs are able to inherit problems from their parents or are prone to common problems for their family tree. It means that there are two sets of breed-specific issues on hybrid dogs that people have to be worried about.

Generally, Aussiedoodles are healthy. If breeding is done well, it will minimize the risk of inherited issues. However, they are still able to be prone to problems such as hip dysplasia, cushing’s disease, progressive retinal atrophy or overt sensitivity to ivermectin. The thing that you also have to note is that there is no dog which is guaranteed to live a life of perfect health.

Aussiedoodle Feeding

According to the Dog Time site, Aussiedoodles tend to gain weight if they are overfed. It means that the owner of this dog needs to follow a regular feeding schedule and make sure that she or he does not leave food out during the day. Not only that, treats also need to be limited.

Same as other dogs, dietary needs of Aussiedoodles also will change from puppyhood to adulthood and it will continue to change until they are in senior years.

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