What is the Most Sought After Bernedoodle?

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Due to high demand, some dog breeds have higher prices. One of them is Bernedoodles. Since two decades ago, the popularity of this breed has not stopped growing. A lot of people prefer to take care of a Bernedoodle due to its personality, appearance, and so on.

Bernedoodles have some different variations. Some of them are popular while some others are less popular. For those who are thinking of getting a Bernedoodle, you might want to know the most sought after Bernedoodle so that you can get one as well or you can avoid it and get something else.

What is the most sought after Bernedoodle? Apparently, the most sought after Bernedoodle is the tricolor Bernedoodle. One of the reasons why it is popular is because it is hard to achieve. If you are not familiar with the tricolor Bernedoodle, do not stop reading and find out the information below.

What is the Most Sought After Bernedoodle

A tricolor Benedoodle refers to the kind of Bernedoodle that has black, rust, and white coloring. Some of them may have white color on the face. A traditional tricolor Bernedoodle has the similar appearance as a Bernese Mountain Dog. Some of these tricolor Bernedoodles have full white masks while some others have limited white.

Aside from being known as the most sought after Bernedoodle, tricolor Bernedoodle is also known as the hardest to produce. The ones who are eager to get one are usually put on a long waiting list. However, it should be easy for the breeders that have been breeding this breed to produce this variety in every litter. These breeders usually color test their breeding stock so that they will know before a litter is born that they will have tricolor Bernedoodle puppies.

When they are still newborns, tricolor Bernedoodles can have solid black, black and white on their coat. Apart from that, some of them can have rust markings on their body. By just looking underneath their tail, one can tell when a puppy is first born if rust will come in with age. If rust is found, their tail brown will come in as they age.

What about the adult tricolor Bernedoodles? What do they look like? As for the adult tricolor Bernedoodles, they have the same color pattern as one of their parents, which is the Bernese Mountain Dog. In some cases, the coats can fade to a silver color where their black was and cream where their rust was.

Are all the tricolor Bernedoodles the same? While it is possible for some of the tricolor Bernedoodles to look the same, they still have different uniqueness and it will still be easy to differentiate them. Some tricolor Bernedoodles may have the addition of a white color on the face while some others have no color at all.

Once again, tricolor Bernedoodles are known as the most sought after Bernedoodles. For anyone who is interested in taking care of one, go find one from a reputable breeder. There are a ton of reputable breeders that you can try to visit. For those who are currently in the United States, some of the reputable breeders that you can consider include:

  1. Breeder name: Heroic Doodles
    City: Lincoln
    State: MT
    Phone: 406-431-4509
    Email: hvquay@gmail.com
  2. Breeder name: Teddy Bear Love Doodles
    City: Riverside County
    State: CA
    Phone: 951 903-4988
    Email: familycompanions@msn.com
  3. Breeder name: Stoney Creek Kennel
    City: Millersburg
    State: IN
    Phone: 5743051957
    Email: anniescloudnine@hotmail.com
  4. Breeder name: Puppies Online
    City: Columbus
    State: OH
    Phone: (740) 501-8774
    Email: sales@littlepuppiesonline.com
  5. Breeder name: Happytail Puppies
    City: Summerfield
    State: NC
    Phone: 336-915-2510
    Email: info@happytailpuppies.com
  6. Breeder name: Maryland Puppies
    City: Bel Air
    State: MD
    Phone: 4437522264
    Email: sales@mdpuppiesonline.com
  7. Breeder name: Doodles 4 Love
    City: Twin Falls
    State: ID
    Phone: 2087316267
    Email: doodles4love@gmail.com
  8. Breeder name: The Old White Barn
    City: Kansas City
    State: MO
    Phone: 918 (798)-0514
    Email: TheOldWhiteBarnFarmLife@gmail.com
  9. Breeder name: Aewsomepaws
    City: Charleston
    State: IL
    Phone: 224-639-6601
    Email: klassypaws@aol.com
  10. Breeder name: Cagney’s Kennel
    City: Clifty
    State: KY
    Phone: 12706040806
    Email: cskipworth1@gmail.com

If you are looking for the reputable breeders that focus on Bernedoodle, the list that you can consider includes:

  1. Breeder name: SMBerneDoodles.com
    City: Fort Wyane
    State: IN
    Phone: 2603859100
    Email: info@SMBerneDoodles.com
  2. Breeder name: Parkville Bernedoodles
    City: Kansas City; Seattle
    State: MO; WA
    Phone: 8167691282
    Email: jiffyrn65@mac.com
  3. Breeder name: Bearcreek Bernedoodles
    City: Rockford
    State: MI
    Phone: 616-951-2777
    Email: erinkleefisch@bearcreekbernedoodles.com
  4. Breeder name: Bernedoodle Babies
    City: Greenbrier
    State: AR
    Phone: 501-470-6218
    Email: justadoodlen@yahoo.com
  5. Breeder name: Bouncing Bernedoodles
    City: Rochester
    State: MN
    Phone: 507-251-1909
    Email: luvmydogshorses@gmail.com
  6. Breeder name: Bernerlandia
    City: Laceys Spring
    State: AL
    Phone: 4087479374
    Email: Bernerlandia@gmail.com
  7. Breeder name: Sammydoodle Bernedoodles
    City: Jamestown
    State: MO
    Phone: 660-537-0182
    Email: kc@distractedbysomethingshiny.com
  8. Breeder name: Lonestar Bernedoodles
    City: Dallas; Osage City
    State: TX; KS
    Phone: 9728044099; 620-757-0273
    Email: lonestarbernedoodles@gmail.com; Goldenridgegoldens@gmail.com
  9. Breeder name: Missouri Bernedoodles
    City: Maryville
    State: MO
    Phone: 660-582-1645
    Email: mckinney@unitedsky.net
  10. Breeder name: Utah Bernedoodle
    City: Tetonia
    State: ID
    Phone: 435-744-9036
    Email: utahbernedoodles@hotmail.com

Feel free to visit any reputable breeder mentioned above in the effort to find the most sought after Bernedoodle, which is tricolor Bernedoodle, or the other types of Bernedoodles. Before anything, you have to know that you may have to spend a lot, especially if you are dreaming of getting tricolor Bernedoodle which is known as the most sought after and included as one of the rarest Bernedoodles.

In case you have an issue with the budget, instead of getting one from a reputable breeder, how about adopting one from a rescue? If you like the idea, feel free to consider some of the followings:

  1. Mid-Atlantic Poodle Rescue or MAPR – Virginia
  2. Summit Dog Rescue – Colorado
  3. NorCal Poodle Rescue – California
  4. Doodle Dandy Rescue or DDR – Texas
  5. BFW Rescue Inc. – South Carolina

Between the options to get a dog or puppy such as Bernedoodle, the most recommended one is getting one from a rescue. In addition to saving your money, you will also save the life of the dog or puppy.

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