Medium Goldendoodle vs Standard

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You are able to find mini, medium and standard Goldendoodles. The main difference between these three types of Goldendoodles is of course their size. Now, you may wonder about the differences between Medium Goldendoodle and Standard Goldendoodle. You are able to read the differences between these two below according to some online sources.

Medium Goldendoodle

According to the Pupvine site, usually the size of a medium goldendoodle is around 30 to 50 lbs. This Goldendoodle usually has the genetics of miniature and standard Poodles so that it makes this dog have a well-balanced personality. On that site, it is also explained that this dog is great when they are traveling because they are small enough to fit most vehicles while they are calm. Because of the weight that they have, they have higher centers of gravity. It means that they seldom get carsickness which is a common problem for a lot of smaller dogs.

Medium Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles of this size are small enough to pick up if there is a problem while being able to withstand more challenging walks as explained on the Pupvine site. However, it is important for you to note that their size cannot be precisely predicted so that you are not able to be confident in the future about the size of your Goldendoodle puppy. Nevertheless, usually a female Goldendoodle of medium size will stay smaller than the medium-sized male.

On the We Love Doodles site, it is explained that medium Goldendoodles are the most popular size of Goldendoodle. The reason is because it is a sweet spot for a small dog, but it is not too large. On that site, it is explained that medium Goldendoodles can stand around 16 to 20 inches in height when they are fully grown.

You may wonder when a medium Goldendoodle stops growing. As explained on the Happy Oodles site, the medium Goldendoodle is a mixed breed, so there is little information on the breed still. On that site, it is explained that to find the answer for this question, they looked to the Golden doodle community and the information which they found is that medium Goldendoodle owners reported that their puppies reached their adult height by the time they were 9 months old, even though some continued to get weight up until they are 18 months old. For your information, each dog will have their own growth rate. It is not unusual if there is a dog which stops growing sooner or later than these times.

You may wonder whether medium Goldendoodles bark a lot or not. If you wonder about this, the answer is that it depends on how they are bred. As explained on the Happy Oodles site, medium Goldendoodles which are bred using a mini poodle will tend to bark more than one that is bred with a Moyen or small standard poodle. It can happen because the mini poodle does not have the similar personality to the bigger poodles. Mini poodles tend to bark. Not only that, on the Happy Oodles site, it is also explained that F1b Goldendoodles which are a cross-back to the mini poodle will also be more likely to bark.

Now, how about exercise needed by a medium Goldendoodle? According to the Happy Oodles site, the Golden Retriever and poodle have high energy, particularly when they are in their first few years. Not only that, Goldens are also known to keep their playful ways until they are 8 or 9 years old. Meanwhile, poodles like attention and they will try their best to keep the owner entertained. So, medium Goldendoodle puppies need daily walks and interactive playtime a few times a day. However, all dogs are different and the right amount to exercise for the pup must be figured out.

Standard Goldendoodle

Standard Goldendoodle

The weight of standard Goldendoodles can reach 50 lbs. It is seldom for them to have more than 80 lbs of weight. On the We Love Doodles site, a standard Goldendoodle can reach around 22 inches tall. However, their exact size depends on the specific parentage of the dog or the litter itself. On the Pupvine site, it is explained that Goldendoodles have the personality of a Golden Retriever where they are calm, gentle, and patient. They are usually very tolerant of children as well.

As you know, Golden Retrievers and standard Poodles have the same size. So, there are a lot of breeders who sell a first-generation cross. However, you also need to note that you are not able to predict exact characteristics. You also need to note that a first-generation Goldendoodle may not be a great option for people who have allergies. It is because the coat type may be similar to a Golden Retriever.

Poodle and Retriever are dogs bred where people usually use them as service dogs and in obedience competitions so that they are good to train. Standard Goldendoodles are also calm so that usually these dogs are used as therapy dogs.

Standard Goldendoodles also can protect their owner’s property. However, they do not make exceptional guard dogs because they are friendly even to strangers.

The disadvantage of a standard goldendoodle is that traveling with this dog can be challenging because they have a large size and it means that they take up a lot of space.

A standard Goldendoodle needs to be trained properly because if they are not trained, they can be a dog which cannot be controlled. This dog can push and break furniture easily and even they are able to reach food. Not only that, they are also able to chew on chair legs or any other things which are interesting for them.

They are trainable and they also need to be socialized. Another fact that you may want to know is that same as other most larger dogs, standard Goldendoodles, even though they are well-trained, they are able to do some damage. One of the examples is that their tail which is wagging can knock any glasses off a table.

Even though Standard Goldendoodles do not have as much energy as smaller dogs, but they need a lot of space to roam freely and to stretch their legs and they also need daily exercise.

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