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Are you looking for an amiable and affectionate dog? The English Cream Goldendoodle is a great solution for people looking for a loyal friend. These dogs are brilliant and polite, making them perfect pets for each family, particularly those with small children. By the way, how much is the price of an English Cream Goldendoodle? Well, find out that great information by reading this entire article.

The Price of English Cream Goldendoodles

According to research, the price of English Cream Goldendoodle puppies varies between $2000 and $3000 depending on their size and generation. If the price of English Cream Goldendoodle is suspiciously low, there are high chances you are not getting what you are paying for. So, you have to make sure you discover a trustworthy English Goldendoodle breeder, and make a detailed check about the dog’s generation, origin, health condition, etc. Several English Cream Goldendoodles might be more expensive depending on the current demand, which has been on a high rise recently.

English Cream Goldendoodle Price

What Is an English Cream Goldendoodle?

English Cream Goldendoodles are a mix of two famous family dogs: Poodles and English Golden Retrievers. Poodles and Golden retrievers are great family dogs, making this designer mixed breed more valuable. Both of these breeds have extremely soft coat hair. Usually, most people decide to get English Cream Goldendoodles because of their appearance. This breed is as nice as it looks. Adorable looks, along with a charming personality, are a guarantee for the perfect dog for every home. The English Goldendoodle is not the only Goldendoodle, but it sure is one of the most calming types of mixed breeds.

English Cream Goldendoodle Generation List

When you want to buy an English Cream Goldendoodle puppy, first you should learn about the English Cream Goldendoodle generation. This breed is relatively young. However, it already has two strong generations that will spread more as time passes. If you are wondering about the differences between these generations, here is what you need to know:

F1 English Cream Goldendoodles

The F1 English Doodles are puppies that descend from two popular canine breeds:

  • Poodle
  • English Cream Golden Retriever

F1 English Goldendoodles are considered the most successful mix of the breeds. One of the advantages of this cross is low shedding. Goldendoodles certainly do not shed like Alaskan Malamutes or Labradors. The level of shedding is rather an individual thing; thus, several puppies might shed a bit more, while others might not shed at all. But, if you have ever owned a big shedder and had to vacuum every several hours, we are sure you would be delighted with this English Goldendoodle. Although this type of dog is a low to moderate shedder, several people claim that they might not be a good dog choice for people with severe allergies. But, if any of your family members suffer from mild symptoms, you are able to bring the Goldie puppy home.

English and Australian F1b Goldendoodle

English and Australian F1b Goldendoodle

This is an interesting type of dog that includes the mix of the:

  • English Cream F1 Goldendoodle
  • Australian Labradoodle
  • Poodle

The F1b combination can be reached by mixing these breeds in ratios:

  • Crossbreeding between 75% Poodle and 25% English Cream Golden Retriever.
  • Crossbreeding between 50% Australian Labradoodle, 25% English Retriever, and 25% Poodle.

For the first combination, it stands for the F1b English Goldendoodle. And for the other one, it is a blend of F1b Goldendoodle and Poodle or Australian Labradoodle. A doodle and a doodle make a Double Doodle that is precisely the name of the mix between the English and Australian Labradoodle. This type of dog can be recognized by a beautiful coat which sheds very little.

In general, actually, F1b Goldendoodles are considered to be low shedders, which is why they are highly recommended for people who are suffering from moderate or acute allergies. This is one of the breeds which can be called hypoallergenic for a reason, although you would still be careful and check for potential allergic reactions, at least during the first several days.

Multi-gen Goldendoodles

All generations that come after the F1b Goldendoodle are able to be sorted into a group of multi-generational Goldendoodles. When it comes to their main traits, they are physically more different from the F1 and the F1b, however they are still able to be considered hypoallergenic depending on the dominant gene.

English Goldendoodle Coat Types and Colors

English Goldendoodles are also known as Teddy bear Goldendoodles or simply Teddy bears as their beautiful coat reminds us of the adorable stuffed animal. Generally, English Goldendoodles have a curly coat, more or less (several canines might have a somewhat wavy coat). The coat hair can be long up to three inches. You may notice that the hair on the head is shorter than the rest of the body (particularly on the tail, legs, or even ears), but that is perfectly normal.

The coat colors are heavily influenced by the parent breeds and their genes which is why English Goldendoodles are typically colored with one of these shades:

  • Gray
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Ultra-cream
  • Red
  • Red and white
  • Golden
  • Apricot
  • Parti colored

English Goldendoodles might not be as colorful as Bernedoodles, however they have that teddy bear look that will not leave you indifferent. In general, Goldendoodle coat shades change as they get older, so you should not be surprised if your pet becomes light-colored as an adult dog.

The Size of English Goldendoodles

The parents of Goldendoodles are adorable. There is no doubt about that. One of the reasons why an English Golden Retriever is a part of the magic is its size. Of course, there is no guarantee that every English Goldendoodle will be of the same size.

However, Goldendoodles are able to be categorized in three ways according to their size:

  • Small (20 to 30 lbs)
  • Mini (30 to 50 lbs)
  • Standard (50 to 80 lbs)

Need to note that Mini Goldendoodles are considered canines of medium size, while the small ones typically represent petite dogs that retain the puppy look during their adult life.

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