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Smeraglia refers to the name of one of the most popular breeders that is based in Alabama, the United States. Despite being one of the most loved, just like any other things, it is normal for them to get a complaint from the customer.

In the forum called on BBB or Better Business Bureau, you will be able to find a complaint about the Smeraglia. The complaint was posted on April 16, 2018 and has been resolved. It is about the refund. Basically, Smeraglia has failed to issue a refund for a puppy that contracted a deadly virus while in training. On March 19, 2018, they informed the user through an email. The email itself consisted of a video that explained that the kennel had been infected by a virus and the 11-week-old puppy purchased by the user had been exposed to the virus and was getting treated at an animal hospital. About a week later, Smeraglia informed the user that the virus was serious and there was also a bacterial infection resistant to antibiotics. They added that the virus could be transmitted to humans. The user was asked to choose another puppy. As the user did not want it, they replied that they wanted to get a full refund instead, which included the cost of the puppy with the addition of 8 weeks of training.

The complaint was posted on April 16, 2018

The user though that they would be given a full refund. At the beginning of April 2018 9April 4th, 2018 for exact), Smeraglia was called and asked by the user about the status of the refund. Then, the user was told that the request would be processed by the end of the week. Nine days later, the user sent an email to Smeraglia and asked about the status of the refund for the second time. They received a response stating that the check was in the mail and the message would be forwarded to the accountant. It has been about three weeks since the day the user was informed that the dog or the puppy had contracted a deadly virus at the kennel of Smeraglia. It was such a pity because the user had been attracted to the dog through the training videos that were usually sent every week. Apart from that, the payment for the dog and for the training process was prompt. In addition, there was no deed for the Smeraglia to beg for payment as the user was the one asking for a refund.

As stated before, the complaint has been resolved and according to the BBB or Better Business Bureau, the user has received a full refund on April 16, 2018 or three weeks after the initial request.

In case you have a similar issue and want to make a complaint, you can just go to BBB. Keep in mind that this forum is provided to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Feel free to make complaints about this place. When you want to make a complaint, please consider the company’s size and volume or transactions, and be aware that the nature of complaints and the responses to them are usually more important compared to the number of complaints.


Another thing that you can do to make a complaint is to reach out to the representative of the company through phone number, email, and so on.

As one of the reputable breeders, Smeraglia usually has good rating and feedback. In BBB or Better Business Bureau, it is ranked 4.56 out of 5. If you want to know some good feedbacks, here are those:

Diana R thinks that Smeralgia is a top notch breeder of the Teddybear Goldendoodles and Snoodles. From birth to training, this one is exceptional. She picked up the puppy and saw the farm in person.

  • Sandra F

Sandra F said that she searched for a puppy as a companion in Colorado. It took her more than a year to find the perfect breeder. She and her family decided to adopt a puppy at Smeralgia Farms in Alabama. She said that everyone in the breeder is the best of the best human beings. All of them listened to her needs in a puppy from the beginning to continuing the education. In addition, she recommends Smeralgia Farms.

  • Renee S

Renee S says she cannot say enough about Smeraglia. If it was not for the kind people at this breeder, she thinks that her special needs daughter would not have her best friend in the world. The puppy from the Smeraglia’s Teddy Bear Goldendoodles and Schnoodles is top notch. Everyone is very professional and always is there for whatever she needs. She feels like all of them are part of a family.

  • Christie R

Christie R highly recommends you to take a look at the program of Smeraglia if you want a beautiful puppy on both disposition and body. From the owner to the staff, they are all knowledgeable, professional, responsive, and nice. She has a wonderful experience in adopting two puppies. The puppy accommodations such as nursery, puppy cottages, play areas, doodle prep school, and so on have blown her away. She thinks that the parent dogs are treated like prized athletes.

  • Claire J

Before making a purchase in January 2020 from Smeraglia, Claire J did a lot of research online and kept visiting the official website of Smeraglia. The whole experience from the start to the end was wonderful. She was matched with the perfect one and was able to enroll her in 2 weeks of the thing called Doodle Prep School. She said she loved seeing the weekly videos from the trainer called Kristin and she could tell that she was a really smart puppy.

If you want to see more good feedback, you can just go to BBB or Better Business Bureau. Reading all the feedback is free and does not require you to sign in. You might also want to look for the other communities of forums similar to BBB or Better Business Bureau to see more feedback and complaints about Smeraglia.

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  1. I bought a puppy from Smergalia
    The puppy is diagnosed with generic hip and elbow dysplasia. I payed 12 thousand including 2 months of training:
    My puppy now has to go to physical therapy every week and probably will need surgery.
    The costs will be around 15 thousand including thr ct scan and X-rays.
    Smergalia refunded the puppy cost of 3900$.
    That being said I am left with a puppy I love so much but have to deal with this.
    Smergalia said no other puppies from the litter reported issues. I find that hard to believe.
    I thought going to a top Breeder, I would not have issues but obviously I was wrong.

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