How Short Should I Cut My Goldendoodles Hair?

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Some owners of Goldendoodle may be curious about how short they have to cut their Goldendoodle hair. After I tried to find the information about it on some online sources, it seems that it depends on what hairstyle that will be applied to the Goldendoodle. According to the We Love Doodles site, here are some best types of Goldendoodle haircuts.

Goldendoodle Teddy Bear Cut

The Teddy Bear cut is also known as the Goldendoodle Puppy Cut. This cut is the most popular. To make a teddy bear cut, the Goldendoodle full-body hair is cut short between 1-2 inches in length. However, there are some groomers who cut down to ¾ inch length to give a shorter-haired look and if the owner does not want to go to groomers very often.

Goldendoodle Teddy Bear Cut -

As explained on the We Love Doodles site, there is no standard definition of the Teddy Bear Cut because groomers will usually ask about the hair length that the owner wants. This cut usually includes a short haircut around ears, full-face cut around the eyes, clipped and non-feathered tail cut, and a round trim for the feet. Here are some features of Goldendoodle Teddy Bear cut.

  • This is the common haircut for Goldendoodle.
  • This cut requires shaving throughout the body evenly around 1 to 2 inches in hair length.
  • By having this cut, it is easy to bathe and clean the dog.
  • It is good for preventing matted curly hair.
  • With this cut, the dog will look younger.

Goldendoodle Lion Cut

Goldendoodle Lion Cut'

You may agree that this lion cut is one of the most unique and the funniest one. This cut is often seen on different types of purse dogs such as Pomeranians. However, recently this cut is popular for Goldendoodles and Labradoodles because they have lion-colored golden curly hair. When a Goldendoodle has this cut, it is funny and unique because it looks like a real lion.

To have this cut, the hair on the back half of the dog must be shaved to around ¼ inch in length. Then, do a light trim around the face of the dog. To make it successful in creating the lion cut, the hair in tail, feet and around the chest area of the dog must be left. Here are some features of Goldendoodle Lion Cut.

  • It makes the dog stylish, bold, and predator-like.
  • People will smile when they see this cut on the dog since it is funny.
  • Long hair is around the mane, tail, and paws and short hair is everywhere else.
  • The maintenance is medium and it needs a lot of brushing on the long-haired sections such as tail, feet, mane and chest to prevent matting.
  • The short hair section of this cut is easy to maintain.

Goldendoodle Mohawk

How Short Should I Cut My Goldendoodles Hair

If a Goldendoodle has mohawk style, you may agree that it gives the dog a bold look. Besides being stylish, this cut is also easy to maintain. There are two ways to get this cut. The first one is a head-only mohawk. With this style, longer hair on the top of the head and around the ears must be left around 2 to 4 inches. The second one is a full-body mohawk. It can be done by leaving longer hair from the top of the head extending across the back down to the tail. People may also color the mohawk by using safe and non-toxic Kool-Aid.

Here are some features of Goldendoodle Mohawk style.

  • It is a new hip style of Goldendoodle cut.
  • It is easy to maintain because it is mostly a teddy bear cut with some extra hair for the mohawk.
  • Color can be added to the hair on the top of the head of the goldendoodle.
  • Long hair is on the top of the head and short is everywhere else.

Goldendoodle Lamb Cut

Goldendoodle Lamb '

This cut began as a poodle trend. This cut is stylish and adventurous and it is easy to maintain. To make this cut, first, the dog must be given the teddy bear cut around its face, neck, and torso around 1 inch length. However, the hair on the top of the head and round the legs must be left longer around 2 to 4 inches. This cut is cute because the leg hair of the dog will bounce up and down when they are running.

Actually, there are some variations of this lamb cut where some people leave the hair on the legs and around the ears while trimming the body and tail, meanwhile other people leave the hair long on both the legs and tail.

Here are some features of Goldendoodle Lamb Cut.

  • It has adventurous looking hair.
  • The maintenance is easy because it is a variation of the Goldendoodle Teddy Bear cut.
  • This cut prevents matted hair around the body.
  • Around the body, the hair is short. Hair around the legs, ears, and top of the head is long.

Goldendoodle Kennel Cut or Summer Cut

Goldendoodle Kennel Cut or Summer Cut

This cut is known as the summer cut as well. This cut is one of the most popular types of haircuts for Goldendoodles since it is the easiest cut to maintain, easiest to clean and this cut can keep the dog cool during summer. This kennel cut is very short and shaves around the body of the dog less than 1 inch.

By having this cut, the dog will seldom be groomed and less brushing until the hair grows longer than 1 inch. By having this cut, the dog is also easy to bathe. Even though there are a number of positive things, but this cut may make the dog lack style.

Here are the features of Kennel Cut.

  • This is the shortest Goldendoodle cut where it even shaves less than 1 inch in length.
  • It can help the dog stay cool in the summer.
  • By having this haircut, the owner can save money because they will groom less.
  • The dog will be easy to bathe, less brushing and the dog will have a cleaner coat.

Goldendoodle Poodle Cut and Goldendoodle Full Shave are the other best Goldendoodle cuts according to the We Love Doodles site.

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