What is the Cheapest Bernedoodle?

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For those who are planning to get a Bernedoodle, you might be wondering how much it cost. The answer to the question can vary, depending on a few factors that directly and indirectly affect the price of a Bernedoodle.

Just like any other breeds, Bernedoodles have higher prices because of their high demand. They keep getting popular since the first time they started in 2003. As stated before, the prices can vary depending on a number of factors. One of the factors that can affect the price of Bernedoodle is the breeders because some of them have higher rates due to their quality facilities. Aside from this factor, some other factors include color, size, generation type, coat, health and physical strength, maintenance cost for mom and puppies, geographic location, and many more.

Talking about the prices for a Bernedoodle puppy, it can range from $2,500 and $5,000 from a reputable, quality breeder. The average cost of this mix is closer to $4,000. The number is higher for the tricolor coated Bernedoodles as they are the most expensive ones.

As you already know the most expensive Bernedoodle, you may be curious about the cheapest one. So, what is the cheapest Bernedoodle? According to Pup Vine, phantom Bernedoodle and solid black Benderdoodle are the cheapest Bernedoodles. Not only the cheapest, they are also known as the most common color variations.

What is the Cheapest Bernedoodle

Phantom Bernedoodles are the Bernedoodles that have only one main color with the addition of another color. Its color scheme is the same as the coloring of a Rottweiler and a Doberman. Keep in mind that phantoms can occur with any color. Some examples include a silver phantom with white points, a chocolate phantom with cream points, a black phantom with tan points, and so on. Usually, phantom Bernedoodles have coats of black or brown with brown on all four legs, cheeks, chest, and eyebrows.

Not everyone might know but a phantom Bernedoodle can be considered as a true phantom Bernedoodle if it is black or brown. If one has black, rust, and there is only minimal white, it is known as a phantom tricolor.

When the phantom Bernedoodles are just born, they usually have rust markings. However, some of them are born looking pure black. If you see brown markings under the tail when they are born, you can immediately tell that these puppies will get phantom markings. The phantom colors come in more age.

When they are adults, the phantom Bernedoodles are usually black and tan, silver and cream, cream and silver, or black and cream. The colors will also revolve around black, tan, silver, and cream. These colors will make them stunning.

While some sources mention solid black Bernedoodle as one of the cheapest Bernedoodle, these kinds of Bernedoodles with such a color are actually considered rare. Most of the time, it is only found in one puppy out of an entire litter. For your information, this color originates from a recessive gene that is found in one or both of the parents. With the solid black color, the Bernedoodle will look unique and its appearance will be similar to a cure like a little bear. As stated earlier, the chances of a pure black Bernedoodle are rare and even if they are black, lots of them are not pure as they have white colored spots on the bottom of their feet.

If you are interested in the cheapest Bernedoodle, which is phantom Bernedoodle or solid black Bernedoodle, you can try to get one from one of the reputable breeders. If you have no idea where to get, here is the list of some of the most recommended one:

  1. Breeder name: SMBerneDoodles.com
    City: Fort Wyane
    State: IN
    Phone: 2603859100
    Email: info@SMBerneDoodles.com
  2. Breeder name: Parkville Bernedoodles
    City: Kansas City; Seattle
    State: MO; WA
    Phone: 8167691282
    Email: jiffyrn65@mac.com
  3. Breeder name: Bearcreek Bernedoodles
    City: Rockford
    State: MI
    Phone: 616-951-2777
  4. Email: erinkleefisch@bearcreekbernedoodles.com
    Breeder name: Bernedoodle Babies
    City: Greenbrier
    State: AR
    Phone: 501-470-6218
    Email: justadoodlen@yahoo.com
  5. Breeder name: Bouncing Bernedoodles
    City: Rochester
    State: MN
    Phone: 507-251-1909
    Email: luvmydogshorses@gmail.com
  6. Breeder name: Bernerlandia
    City: Laceys Spring
    State: AL
    Phone: 4087479374
    Email: Bernerlandia@gmail.com
  7. Breeder name: Sammydoodle Bernedoodles
    City: Jamestown
    State: MO
    Phone: 660-537-0182
    Email: kc@distractedbysomethingshiny.com
  8. Breeder name: Lonestar Bernedoodles
    City: Dallas; Osage City
    State: TX; KS
    Phone: 9728044099; 620-757-0273
    Email: lonestarbernedoodles@gmail.com; Goldenridgegoldens@gmail.com
  9. Breeder name: Missouri Bernedoodles
    City: Maryville
    State: MO
    Phone: 660-582-1645
    Email: mckinney@unitedsky.net
  10. Breeder name: Utah Bernedoodle
    City: Tetonia
    State: ID
    Phone: 435-744-9036
    Email: utahbernedoodles@hotmail.com

Actually, the term “cheapest Bernedoodle” is not limited to phantom Bernedoodle and solid black Bernedoodle. Even if a Bernedoodle has a different color other than phantom and solid black, it is possible to be considered as the cheapest Bernedoodle if it really is. It means, the term “cheapest Bernedoodle” can be interpreted differently. When it comes to the color, the answer to the question “What is the cheapest Bernedoodle” is indeed phantom Bernedoodle or solid black Bernedoodle. If talking about anything else, it can be any Bernedoodle. It has been stated that there are tons of factors that can affect the price of Bernedoodles, including color, size, generation type, coat, health and physical strength, maintenance cost for mom and puppies, geographic location, and many more.

While determining which Bernedoodle is hard, it might be easier for you to find the cheap Bernedoodle. Feel free to look for one from the breeders mentioned above. However, if your money is limited, instead of looking for one from a reputable breeder, it might be a better idea for you to consider getting one from a rescue. If you like the idea, check out the list of the best Bernedoodle rescues for adoption below:

  1. Doodle Rescue Collective or DRC Inc. – Rhode Island
  2. IDOG Rescue – Texas
  3. Doodle Rock Rescue – Texas
  4. Somerset Cottage Poodle Rescue or SCPR – Virginia
  5. Michigan doodle Rescue Connect or MDRC – Michigan

Please go to the official website of these rescues if you want to know about them and about how to adopt a Bernedoodle from them.

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