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Taking care of Goldendoodle is not necessary purchasing one from the breeder. If your intention is really to take care of this breed, getting one from a shelter or a rescue is the best option. Why is it so? Every dog in the shelter or rescue needs the same affection as the one from breeder. Actually, they need more love and affection due to the fact that they have been abandoned by the previous owners.

Some people may think that the dogs like Goldendoodle from the shelter or rescue is below from the one from the breeder. They think that all the dogs from shelters are problematic and have a lot of problems. In fact, everything is same, expect from their lucky. If you share the similar mind and want to take care of a Goldendoodle from a shelter or rescue to safe a life, then it is time for you to look for a shelter or rescue.

One of the recommended places is named Adopt a Pet. For those who are looking for a Goldendoodle, this site will help you to find one near you. How does it work to adopt Goldendoodle free to good home? First of all, use the official website of Adopt a Pet search to find pets for adoption. You can just type in your zip code and select the type of the pet you want and then click the search button.

Once you clicking that button, you will see photos of matching pets. Please click on the photo of the pet to see the information of the pet. If you are interested in a certain pet, click on the green or blue “Ask About Me” button in order to contact that shelter of the pet or rescue. If a certain shelter or rescue have the public visiting hours, you will also be able to see their address and you can physically go to that shelter or rescue to adopt a Goldendoodle.

If it is your first time to adopt a pet, you may be wondering how does the process work. So, how long does it take to adopt a Goldendoodle? How much does it cost? Everything is different from rescue to shelter. If you want to get one from a shelter, here is an example of how a shelter adoption might work. First, you find a Goldendoodle you want to adopt on Adopt a Pet who is at a shelter. Second, you go to the shelter and see that Goldendoodle. If you want it, you ask the shelter desk and they have a staff or volunteer take him out so you can meet with that pet. Third, you go to the shelter desk and give your information and get the information of the pet. Fourth, you take the Goldendoodle home. As for getting one from the rescue, the steps are similar, except from meeting with the pet. The Goldendoodle will be brought to your home after the process is done.


  1. I been wanting one for my daughter Myla and because someone told me that they are good dogs for people with allergies like my mother. I would love to bring one home 🏡 to me my daughter dreams come true🙏🏽♥️

  2. Would love to have a mini golden doodle or just a golden doodle .i am 46 my kids are grown just want a best friend and a pet to spoil take time with and love.

  3. Dear Goldendoodle family please know that we are loving Godly fur parents my cousin lost her son a golden doodle and her husband & we are ready to give these puppies all the prayers love and maternal support that any child would need. We take them everywhere we go and have experienced trauma and therefore these two angels are a God send. We already have bedding I have full coverage for both dogs as Dr. Wikson with Mars hospital aka Benefield

  4. I currently have an also doodle named cookie. We adopted her from a rescue in Concord North Carolina 7 years ago. She is our daughter! She’s getting older, she needs a friend. I must stay at home dad on social security disability. A doggie dad to be exact. I think we would both love a goldendoodle. She gets more love than anyone could imagine and everyone in our neighborhood knows her and loves her! Please call me. Andrew at 980-800-2036. Thank you!

  5. Would love to have a goldendoodle for my sweet friend.mon died with terminal cancer.she is 16.please text me at 3365127060

  6. I’m allergic to most dogs but everyone says Golden doodles and non allergenic so I was hoping I could find one for an emotional support animal for my ptsd and depression and anxiety I’d love one

  7. I’m a 71 year old, healthy lady looking for companionship from a forever friend. My preference would be a small goldendoodle (or similar poodle mix) If you come across a rescue, please contact me. One that is 2+ years old would work perfectly.

  8. I am looking for a medium to smaller golden doodle to love, train and play with.The love they give you is precious . The fact of having the compagny to love, train and keep me ocupide/busy will be good for me less issues to think of (medical).last year I had a bad year but I getting to a better state than i was. I beleive getting the dog would give me the active part the loving issues it bring of having a dog. Years ago i had a yorkie but it died and now I’m ready to love another dog. Please consider me for the next litter.

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