Top 5 Breeders of Goldendoodle Puppies in Connecticut

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Since Goldendoodles are much-sought after among hybrid dog breeds, it’s so normal if many people are trying to buy this crossbreed in some places. But, the most recommended place to buy Goldendoodles is from a reputable breeder, as they will ensure good and healthy offspring.

If you currently live in Connecticut and want to buy the Goldendoodles puppies, you do not have to bother looking for the top breeders, as this post will show you top 5 Goldendoodle breeders in Connecticut. So, let’s dive into our post to find out the best one of Goldendoodle breeders in Connecticut!

Top 5 Breeders of Goldendoodle Puppies in Connecticut

1) Powderhill Puppies

One of the uppermost Goldendoodle breeders in Connecticut is Powderhill Puppies that are known as the members of the Goldendoodle Association of North America (GANA). You shouldn’t worry about the Goldendoodle puppies’ health, as the breeders will treat all puppies with endless love and care.

With almost 40 years of dog breeding experience, there’s no doubt if Powderhill Puppies has perfected the creation of healthy and gorgeous Goldendoodles. Every parent at Powderhill Puppies has undergone health tests for hips, eyes, legs, elbows and cardiac health. Aside from that, those dogs have been thoroughly DNA tested to make sure that they are free of disease which can be passed down to puppies.

If you buy Goldendoodle puppies from Powderhill Puppies, you will get a puppy package including a written guarantee, a lineage chart, a Certificate of Health and a new collar. Your new puppy will also be microchipped, dewormed, vaccinated and examined by a veterinarian before the time of adoption.

If you are interested to purchase Goldendoodle puppies from Powderhill Puppies, you can visit them through:

2) Doodle Dandy Goldendoodles

With over 50 years of breeding and training dogs, it does not wonder if Doodle Dandy Goldendoodles is included as one of the best breeders, not only in Connecticut, but also in the United States.

At Doodle Dandy Goldendoodles, all the dogs are carefully assessed for intelligence, temperament and also genetics. So, you can really get beautiful, healthy and high-quality Goldendoodle puppies from this breed.

Moreover, the breeder has undergone the breeding dogs health, and DNA tested for genetic condition, since healthy parents mean healthy puppies. Of course, this breed will ensure that you will get happy and healthy Goldendoodle puppies.

Additionally, Doodle Dandy Goldendoodles purposely breeds and keeps a small breeding program, so that all Goldendoodle dogs will be born and raised in the family home. They also ensure that all dogs purchased from Doodle Dandy Goldendoodles can receive lots of exposure to humans of all ages.

If you are interested to purchase Goldendoodle puppies from Doodle Dandy Goldendoodles, you can visit them through:

3) New England Doodles

Located in Southern Connecticut, New England Doodles has bred and raised the Goldendoodles as members of the family. Of course, the Goldendoodle puppies will be treated as family pets, so they will be well-socialized right from the get-go.

This dog breeder actually focuses on providing the high-quality Goldendoodle puppies, making them amiable dogs. At New England Doodles, you will see a photograph and a small biography that will give you a brief description of each dog, ensuring you choose a great idea of your puppy’s adult personality.

To get a good idea of the puppy’s potential personality and appearance, you will be able to visit the official website and see each parent dog biography. The website also provides the health screening test that the adult dog has undergone, so that you will be confident of your puppies’ good future wellbeing.

If you are interested to purchase Goldendoodle puppies from New England Doodles, you can visit them through:

4) Happy Hen’s Farm

You may think that Happy Hen’s Farm is only producing fresh eggs, honey and roasting chickens, in fact that this farm is also breeding the high-quality Double Doodles. The Goldendoodles bred at this farm are priced at $3,500.

To purchase high-quality Goldendoodle puppies from the Happy Hen’s Farm, you may need to give them a $500 deposit, making you get onto the waiting list and reserve a puppy. At Happy Hen’s Farm, all the Goldendoodles puppies get a thorough veterinary check before leaving with their new owners. Moreover, the Goldendoodle puppies will also have their first vaccinations, dewormed and dewclaws removed, as part of the whole puppy package.

Since the Goldendoodle puppies are raised as part of the family, you may be sure that the puppies can be well-socialized and friendly, making them perfect family companions. So, you’re not wrong if you have a plan to buy Goldendoodle puppies from Happy Hen’s Farm.

If you are interested to purchase Goldendoodle puppies from Happy Hen’s Farm, you can visit them through:

 5) Once Upon a Time Goldendoodle Acres

The last option of best Goldendoodle breeder is Once Upon a Time Goldendoodle Acres that has become a reputable dog breeder with more than 18 years. It is known that the breeder really knows where your Puppies come from, so they do not use guardian homes for parent dogs, instead they choose to breed their family pets.

Since they do not believe to use guardian homes, as a result, the little ones can be fully socialized from day one, spending time with all the breeder’s family members, including their children.

Additionally, the parents of the Goldendoodle puppies are genetically tested and health-screened by a licensed vet for hip and elbow dysplasia and other common health issues. Every trainable Goldendoodle puppy will come with a 24-month health guarantee.

If you are interested to purchase Goldendoodle puppies from Once Upon a Time Goldendoodle Acres, you can visit them through:

Okay, those are top 5 breeders in Connecticut that have bred and raised good and healthy puppies. So, make sure to choose one of them to get high quality Goldendoodle puppies.

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