Why is My Goldendoodle Shedding So Much?

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You may choose Goldendoodle because of non-shedding matter, right? Of course, you’re not wrong, as Goldendoodle is believed to be a non-shedding dog breed. However, if you fully assume that Goldendoodle is non-shedding, you’re not completely right either.

In some cases, these have been found that some Goldendoodles are shedding so much, even more so than the dog breeds that are basically shedding. If it happens to you, you may wonder why your Goldendoodles are shedding so much. To get the real answer, you can dive into our post below!

Why is My Goldendoodle Shedding So Much

Reason Why Your Goldendoodles Are Shedding So Much

Goldendoodles are a hybrid dog breed produced by crossing a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. It is known that Poodles are non-shedding dogs, while Golden Retrievers may shed moderately throughout the year.

Of course, if your Goldendoodle is shedding so much, there’s no denying that your Goldendoodle received Golden Retriever genetics rather than Poodle genetics. In other words, your Goldendoodle is shedding so much, due to the genes passed on from the Golden Retriever in its ancestry.

It is known that Goldendoodles have three coat types including wavy, straight and curly. Wavy coats are like a mixture of both and shed a small amount, straight coats will shed the most and resemble a Golden Retrievers’ coat and curly costs do not shed at all.

In this case, Goldendoodle shedding will extremely depend on the Goldendoodle generation that you have bought. If you purchase a Goldendoodle puppy, it is likely that you bought an F1, F2, or also F3 Goldendoodle generation that is 50% Golden Retriever and 50% Poodle.

The F1, F2 or F3 Goldendoodle Generation is more prone to shedding, since your dog probably inherited some Golden Retriever genes that includes shedding. However, it may be hard to know which generation of Goldendoodle you are getting, so excess shedding may be a common case.

Aside from that, there are also some genetic mutations which can lead to excess shedding that is quite common in cross breed dogs like the Goldendoodle. The fun fact that Goldendoodles are considered hypoallergenic dogs. However, that does not mean that they don’t shed at all.

When Do the Goldendoodle Shed?

Even though Goldendoodle can really shed, they’re low-shedding dogs, just not as much as other breeds. That’s why Goldendoodle is such a perfect option for those who have mild pet allergies. They are considered year-round shedders, but there are certain times of year when they will shed more than others.

Seasonal changes will influence your Goldendoodle’s shedding frequency. If your Goldendoodle puppies shed, you may need to check a little more hair in the summer and winter. However, those seasons are typically a case of making your dog have a double coat and of course will shed so much.

During the winter and summer, almost all dogs will shed more of their coats. During winter, they may be shedding their summer coat and building a new thicker undercoat to keep them warm when the temperature drops.

During summer, your Goldendoodle will shed the additional fur that they put on to keep them warm in the winter. However, that’s cyclical and occurs every year. Since Goldendoodles are not immune to this, you can still find that during these times of the year.

When Do the Goldendoodle Shed

What Causes Shedding on Your Goldendoodles?

Aside from seasons that provenly contribute to excess hair, there are also several triggers tht can lead your dog to shed much more. What are they? So, let’s see some causes which may make your Goldendoodle shed much more frequently!

  • Stress: When your Goldendoodles are under a significant amount of stress, they may shed more.
  • Allergies: When your Goldendoodles get skin allergies, they may shed more than others.
  • Nutrition: If you do not give your Goldendoodle enough nutrition, it can be a shedding trigger.
  • Bathing: If your Goldendoodle takes a bath too much, it can cause them to shed.
  • Health: If your Goldendoodle gets a parasite or skin condition, it can cause shedding.
  • Shampoo: When using the inappropriate shampoo, it can lead your Goldendoodle to shed.

How to Manage Your Goldendoodle’s Shedding?

If your Goldendoodles start to shed too much, managing their shedding is a must-do for you. If it happens to you, you shouldn’t panic, as there are some smart ways you can do to prevent or manage your Goldendoodle’s shedding.

Here are some ways you can do to manage your Goldendoodle’s shedding:

1. Brush your Goldendoodle regularly

The first thing you should do is to brush your Goldendoodle regularly. It is known that weekly brushing is very recommended to do. When brushing your Goldendoodle, it is not necessary for you to have a brush with hard bristles, since even the thicker wavy coats of Goldendoodle must not mat up or get tangled together.

So, make sure to regularly brush your Goldendoodle using a high-quality brush. As a reference, you can try to use the Furminator Deshedding Tool, as it is by far the recommended deshedding tool on the market.

2. Give your Goldendoodle proper nutrition

As we’ve mentioned, inappropriate nutrition will trigger shedding on your Goldendoodle’s coat. Of course, giving them proper nutrition can prevent them from shedding too much. In this case, the skin and coat of Goldendoodle is a direct reflection of the nutrient which they are eating.

You can try to give them Omega 3 fatty acids to limit the amount of fur which is shed. Another product you can use is methylsulfonylmethane that is also called MSM. It is highly believed to prevent the shedding of too much of your Goldendoodles.

3. Use proper shampoo

Many dog experts and vets recommend using a canine-friendly Oatmeal Shampoo to stop your Goldendoodle shedding. If your Goldendoodle puppies have sensitive skin, you can use some shampoos made to help alleviate skin conditions.

4. Reduce your Goldendoodles stress

Just like humans, all dogs will get stressed. In this case, increased stress is a powerful emotional and physical response that happens in your dog body. A highly stressed dog such as lack of attention, a change in their environment, death of a dog owner or not enough physical exercise can also contribute to the excessive Goldendoodle shedding.

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