Pros and Cons of Male vs Female Goldendoodle

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Male and female Goldendoodles have some differences. As someone who may want to know about male and female Goldendoodles, you may wonder about the pros and cons of male and female Goldendoodle. However, after I read some online sources to find the information about pros and cons of male vs female Goldendoodles, it seems that there is no pros and cons of them because it is subjective.

Generally, males and females have the same things like personality, health, grooming and coat because these things are affected by genes, not by gender. Besides, a thing that is owned only by male cannot be said as a pros or cons since every owner has their own preference. For example, the fact is that male goldendoodles are bigger than female goldendoodles when they are adults. This thing cannot be said as a pro of male since there may be people who like female goldendoodles which are smaller than male one and they think that it is a pro of female goldendoodles. So, it is subjective.

Pros and Cons of Male vs Female Goldendoodle

For that reason, instead of explaining pros and cons, I decided to explain about the differences between male and female goldendoodles and also about the pros and cons of goldendoodles in general.

The Difference Between Male and Female Goldendoodle

According to the Popular Doodle site, here are the differences between male and female goldendoodles.

  • Size
    Generally, male goldendoodles grow a little bit larger than the female ones. So, the male goldendoodles usually will have more weight and height. The average size difference between a male and a female goldendoodle is generally around 10%. However, even though male goldendoodles can grow bigger than the female ones, female goldendoodles usually have a tendency to mature faster.
  • Health
    Goldendoodles can have health issues. However, it is not because they are males or females. Both males and females still have the similar estimated lifespans and they also have the same possibility to undergo accidents or illnesses.
  • Grooming and Coat
    There is no difference between male and female goldendoodles’ coat and grooming because Goldendoodle’s coat is not determined by gender, but it is determined by DNA and what generation of Goldendoodle they are. So, whether you decide to have a male or female Goldendoodle, you must brush and groom them to ensure that their coat remains free of tangles and matting.
  • The Personality
    There are more myths than facts spreading in the community about the personality of goldendoodles. Several studies have shown that more male dogs are more aggressive than female dogs. As cited from Popular Doodle site, the consensus among professionals is that it is able to be chalked up far more to circumstances and training than gender. There are also misconceptions which state that female Goldendoodles are friendlier and male Goldendoodles are more independent. However, it is not true because these personality traits depend on the DNA of individual puppies and how they have been raised and it is not determined by their gender.
  • Behavioural
    As explained on the Popular Doodle site, there are two main behavioural differences that people associate with a male or female Goldendoodle namely humping and marking their territory. Humping is an unwanted behaviour that is usually associated with a male Goldendoodle and female Goldendoodle. It is important for you to note that humping is not always a sexual act, but often it is just used for play or posturing for dominance. How about territory marking? There is a stigma that male Goldendoodles mark their territory. However, it is not a good assumption since female Goldendoodle not only can mark their territory, but if a male is neutered, it will get rid of or at least lessen this behaviour. The obvious behaviour difference between a male and a female Goldendoodle is the way they pee. Usually, female Goldendoodles squat when they are peeing, while male Goldendoodles lift their legs. There are some people who prefer female Goldendoodles due to personal preference about how classy they pee. However, there are also male Goldendoodles which prefer to squat when they are peeing, but it depends on how early they are neutered.

Pros and Cons Having Goldendoodles

According to the Happy Go Doodle site, here are some pros and cons of having Goldendoodles in general.


  • Goldendoodles are companion dogs and they are full of unconditional love.
  • These dogs have a tendency to be lower shedding.
  • They are a beautiful mix of sizes, colors, weights, and personalities.
  • They have a tendency to be smart, intelligent and easy to train.
  • They love energy burns and have a tendency to have a zest for life.
  • They are social and enjoy being with you.
  • They tend to be energized during cooler weather.
  • Many positive traits which are brought by the Golden Retriever and Poodle to the Goldendoodles such as intelligence and friendliness.
  • They are entertaining and adorable.


  • Same as other dogs, their lives are way too short.
  • Even though they are lower shedding, it does not mean that they are low maintenance. This breed has a variety of coat types and some need more grooming than others.
  • If you want to decide an exact size, weight, or color, this breed may not be your option.
  • Since they are intelligent, their minds need stimulation. If not, they will find their own brain games likes chewing your shoes or digging in the dirt.
  • If they lack enough physical activity, they can have destructive behaviour.
  • Sometimes, this breed may have ‘Velcro’ dog tendencies and they may have separation anxiety.
  • They can have health issues.
  • As puppies, they like exploring their mouths. From your puppy’s mouth, you may fish rocks, worms, leaves, mulch, socks and more.
  • Let’s say that you do not want to bond with your dog. If so, this breed is not the dog for you.

Well, from the explanation above, you may be able to imagine the pros and cons of having goldendoodles and especially male or female goldendoodles. However, if you are a muslim, of course you are forbidden to have goldendoodles or even any other dogs.

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