Latest Update: Goldendoodle Size Chart by Age

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Are you curious about how big a Goldendoodle will be? If so, you may need the information about the Goldendoodle size chart and learn about the pattern of Goldendoodle’s growth here according to some online sources as you can read below.

According to the Dog Food Smart site, here is the chart or table of Goldendoodle Weight.

Age Mini Goldendoodle Medium Goldendoodle Standard Goldendoodle
2 months 10 lbs 15 lbs 22 lbs
3 months 12 lbs 20 lbs 26 lbs
4 months 19 lbs 25 lbs 36 lbs
5 months 20 lbs 30 lbs 40 lbs
6 months 23 lbs 33 lbs 45 lbs
7 months 25 lbs 36 lbs 50 lbs
8 months 26 lbs 39 lbs 53 lbs
9 months 27 lbs 41 lbs 55 lbs
10 months 28 lbs 43 lbs 56 lbs
11 months 29 lbs 43 lbs 57 lbs
1 year 29 lbs 44 lbs 58 lbs

Here is the explanation about the growth of Goldendoodles in each age according to the Dog Food Smart site.

  • Birth to 2 Weeks
    Goldendoodle puppies have around a pound of weight at birth. In the first two weeks of age, they will get double weights. They live with their mothers and even they rely on their mothers for nourishment. They should not leave their sleeping area and throughout the day, they tend to sleep.
  • 3 Weeks – 12 Weeks
    When Goldendoodle puppies are 3 weeks and 12 weeks old, there may be a massive growth spurt. You may find that the puppies go from barely moving to running in a short period of time. When they are 3 weeks, their weight may be only a couple pounds, but when they are 12 weeks old, they may weigh around 25 pounds. You will also find that their appetite is rising so that they need a lot of food.
  • 4 Months – 6 Months
    There will be a lot of growth and a larger appetite when the puppies are around 4 and 6 months old. When they are 6 months old, they may weigh around 45 pounds. Note that it is also close to the end of the most dramatic growth spurts so that then the growth will start to decrease including their appetite.
  • 7 months – 9 months
    When a goldendoodle is 7 months old, they should weigh around 50 pounds and then grow to around 55 pounds when they are 9 months old. At this time, their weight gain should be slowing down dramatically. At this time, they also should be fed two meals a day and they still need to be fed with puppy food.
  • 10 months – 12 months
    Let’s say that a Goldendoodle has reached 10 months old. If so, their growth will slow down and at this point they should have 60 pounds of weight on the average. Besides, they also may not get a lot of weight when they are 10 to 12 months old. At this age, their appetite should also have slowed down and they should be fed with puppy food until the dog reaches one year and then start to transition the dog to adult dog food.
  • Adult Goldendoodle
    Then, an adult Goldendoodle can continue to grow until it celebrates its second birthday. Note that the final weight of a goldendoodle can be different between dogs and types of Goldendoodles. However, the Standard Goldendoodles may weigh up to 90 pounds and if they are mini or medium ones, they can have 50 to 70 pounds for their final weights.

Goldendoodle Size Chart by Age

Weight and Height Charts of Goldendoodles

According to the We Love Doodles site, here is the weight chart for Goldendoodle.

Golden Weight Chart

According to that site, there are three different sizes of Goldendoodles in general, those are mini, medium, and standard size. Usually, they follow this grow chart. It is plotted the average weight in pounds versus the number of weeks of a Goldendoodle. Furthermore, it is also explained that the growth chart sample was taken from some different Goldendoodle dogs.

According to the We Love Doodles site, Mini Goldendoodles will weigh around 3 to 9 pounds and it is important to note that the range of weight is significant for mini goldendoodles because there are micro, petite and teacup sizes in this category. For medium goldendoodles, they can have 8 to 10 pounds and standard goldendoodles can have 10 to 20 pounds. It can be assumed that a full grown mini goldendoodle can be around 30 pounds, a full grown medium goldendoodle can be around 45 pounds and a full grown standard goldendoodle can be around 60 pounds.

Until around week 52, the weight of a goldendoodle can grow very fast where they will reach 97% of their total body weight.

And here is the growth chart of goldendoodles according to the We Love Doodles site.

Goldendoodle Growth Chart

According to the We Love Doodles site, the chart of goldendoodle’s growth was taken from data which was received from some pet owners and then it was normalized to create this Goldendoodle growth chart.

Usually, goldendoodle puppies are picked up when they are 8 weeks old. At that time, they are 29.88% of their total body weight. When they are 12 weeks old, they are 40% of the total growth they will see in their life. When they are 16 weeks, goldendoodles will be almost half of its weight. When they are 24 weeks old or around 6 months old, the goldendoodle will be 74% of their total weight. When they are 32 weeks old, the goldendoodle’s growth will have started to slow down and they will not get a lot of weight each week if it is compared to the first 7 months. A goldendoodle is approximately 86% of its body weight. When they are 40 weeks old or 10 months old, the goldendoodle is 90% of their total growth. Note that it is only 10% more until they are fully grown. When they are 52 weeks old, Goldendoodles are going to be 97% of their total body weight.

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