How Big Does a Mini Aussiedoodle Get?

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Mini Aussiedoodle is such a perfect mix when coming to designer dog breeds. It is known that Mini Aussiedoodle is produced by crossing Miniature Australian Shepherd and Miniature Poodle breeds. Since both parents are considered loyal, affectionate and extremely intelligent, of course Mini Aussiedoodle will also be.

How about the size of an Aussiedoodle? Is the size the same as the parents? The hybrid dogs will basically inherit their parents. If you are still wondering about the size of Mini Aussiedoodle, let’s dive into our post to find out the information about it!

How Big Does a Mini Aussiedoodle Get?

Talking about the size of a Mini Aussiedoodle,  it is hugely important to factor into your decision when adding a new puppy to your family. Generally, some sizes of dogs are probably a great match for your family while others may not.

How Big Does a Mini Aussiedoodle Get

It is known that there are three popular Aussiedoodle sizes you should know including mini, toy and standard. In this case, a Mini Aussiedoodle may be smaller than a large Toy Aussiedoodle or also larger than a small Standard Aussiedoodle.

The size of Mini Aussiedoodle is basically in the middle ground between the Toy Aussiedoodle size and the Standard Aussiedoodle size. It does not wonder if this variety is sometimes referred to as a Medium Aussiedoodle.

So far, Mini Aussiedoodle size is commonly the result of pairing a Mini Poodle with a Mini Australian Shepherd. You should know, the weight of a Miniature Poodle may be approximately 12 – 20 pounds with 15 inches in height, while the weight of a Mini Australian Shepherd is larger at 20 – 40 pounds with 14 – 18 inches in height.

So, Mini Aussiedoodle is small in size where the size of a Mini Aussiedoodle will be between 20 and 40 pounds with 12 – 17 inches in height, regardless of gender.

Why is the Mini Aussiedoodle Perfect to Have?

Why Is the Mini Aussiedoodle Perfect to Have

Reportedly, Mini Aussiedoodle is so favoured by so many dog owners. The personality of both parents that are known as loyal, affectionate and intelligent can be the reason why many people really love Mini Aussiedoodle. They are often called the ‘Einsteins’ of dogs.

Mini Aussiedoodle will also be irresistibly energetic and cute, keeping you on your feet the whole day. Certainly, Mini Aussiedoodle do not make them the best companions for everyone. Due to their energy and intelligence, Mini Aussiedoodle may not cut it for those dogs.

As a throwback, Mini Aussiedoodle is a designer dog breed that was developed in the United States during the designer race craze of the 1980s and 1999s. A variety of breeders really wanted to make a canine breed which combined the high obedience, intelligence and companionship traits of the Mini Poodle and Mini Australian breeds.

The result of those pairings produced one of the most intelligent designer breeds present today. Even though Mini Aussiedoodle is small in size, the bold personality of Mini Aussiedoodle helps it stay on the top of the list for famous designer dog breeds.

Mini Aussiedoodle’s Temperament

Of course, there is something very special about the Mini Aussiedoodle, such as loyal, brave, intelligent, social, gentle and outgoing. Mini Aussiedoodles are friendly, so they may be quite good with your kids, guests and even other pets at your house.

Due to their friendly nature, Mini Aussiedoodle may make terrible guard dogs where they just love people too much. It is known that their intelligence and pleasant attitude allows them to be super trainable.

If you have a Mini Aussiedoodle at your home, you will have lots of fun teaching them how to follow commands and perform tricks. Otherwise, their love for people and also sociability has a negative side.

The negative side here is that they cannot be alone for long periods of time. If you leave them alone, their pups may develop destructive behaviours which can damage your home. Thus, you must have someone inside your home at all times with your Mini Aussiedoodle, preferably family members who can play with them.

Mini Aussiedoodle’s Training

It is known that Mini Aussiedoodle is loyal and intelligent. They will be more than likely to follow along with whatever training you give them. It’s highly recommended for you to train them early, even the first day you take them home.

Without excellent training, Mini Aussiedoodle will be able to exhibit bad behaviours as adults. So, make sure to train and socialize your dogs, so that they can be polite with your kids, guests and anyone they meet outside your home.

Therefore, Mini Aussiedoodle is such a perfect dog for all types of households that are ready to give them the care, love and training they need. With their smartness and activeness, your Mini Aussiedoodle is a really ideal companion for you and your family members, as long as their needs are really met.

What you should do is to give them lots of time and attention. Surely, they will give it right back and you will always have a special and cuddly friend by your side with your Mini Aussiedoodle.

Mini Aussiedoodle’s Food

Several food options are available, when coming to the right nutrition for your Mini Aussiedoodle. There are so many high-quality dry foods you can choose from the market, one of them is Kibble that provides many essential nutrients and vitamins which can help your dog thrive. Another popular option are also homemade meals.

If necessary, you can also ask your veterinarian to give some food recommendations for your dog. In fact, there are a number of dog food recipes you can try, from soups and stew to sweet treats.

Mini Aussiedoodle’s Grooming

For those who have little time to care for your dogs, Mini Aussiedoodle is a great choice, as it requires a low-maintenance pooch. Those doggies seasonally shed, so it is very important for you to groom them at least three times per week.

Their coat is hypoallergenic, so grooming them regularly is a great option for everyone with breathing problems or allergies. Of course, you will have to regularly clean your Mini Aussiedoodle’s ears and make sure to undergo a dental cleaning at a vet. However, this way will really help prevent ear and dental infections which can be detrimental to your Mini Aussiedoodle’s health.

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