Goldendoodle Shaved: How Long to Grow Back?

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Did your Goldendoodle just get shaved? If so, you are probably wondering how long it takes for a Goldendoodle’s hair to grow back. Well, here we are going to inform you your curiosity. So, do not hesitate to keep reading the following text.

How Long Can a Goldendoodle’s Hair Grow Back?

While your Goldendoodle dog may be a little scrawny-looking after a shave down, it will not be long before their hair grows back. So, how long does it take for a shaved Goldendoodle’s hair to grow out again? Do not worry, you are going to notice your dog’s coat will start to look more normal and fuller 2-3 weeks after being shaved. Usually, it will take between 2-4 months for your shaved dog’s hair to grow back to full length.

Goldendoodle Shaved How Long to Grow Back

Benefits of Shaving a Goldendoodle

Now, let’s talk the benefits of shaving a Goldendoodle. Curly-coated Goldendoodle tends to get matted fur, and clipping off the coat will be able to help to prevent that. Also, if your Goldendoodle has a habit of finding thick undergrowth to burrow into, clipping off those long curls will help to stop that. But we highly recommend that you never have your Goldendoodle fully shaved right down to his skin. If you have your dog shaved, just go for a short haircut rather than having the whole lot off.

Here are some benefits of Shaving a Goldendoodle:

  • Double-coated Dog
    You have to know that Goldendoodles are double-coated dogs. The underfur is fluffy and soft, acting as insulation against the cold during winter and also acting as a natural cooling system in summer. While the outer layer of fur consists of water-resistant guard hairs which stop the undercoat from getting waterlogged in wet weather or if your Goldendoodle goes swimming. During the summer months, your dog will naturally shed his thick winter undercoat and then replace it with a smoother summer one. So, shaving your Goldendoodle can prevent nature from doing its job.
  • Protection From Sunburn
    Besides keeping your Goldendoodle warm in winter, the fluffy undercoat will help to protect the skin from sunburn, and also the sun’s harmful UV rays during hot weather. Therefore, if your Goldendoodle is shaved right down to the skin, there is a big risk that the dog will be vulnerable to sunburn and heatstroke.
  • Avoid Sore Spots
    If your Goldendoodle is shaved down to the skin, then he’s vulnerable to developing sore spots. For instance, if you take your Goldendoodle to the beach, the saltwater and sand can make his skin itch. If your Goldendoodle scratches to relieve the irritation, he might scratch right through his own skin, resulting sore patches which could lead to infection.

Reasons to Shave a Goldendoodle

Apparently, there are some reasons why you have to shave your Goldendoodle.

  • Skin Infections
    If your Goldendoodle contracts a skin infection, your veterinarian will recommend to shave your Goldendoodle. Without a thick coat covering the skin and giving a warm area where bacteria can flourish, it is going to be easier to treat the infection and get rid of it.
  • Parasites
    In severe cases of the fleas and mites, it can assist to shave your Goldendoodle’s coat off completely. That exposes the parasites effectively so that they are able to be treated effectively and also deprives them of the environment they require to spread and proliferate.
  • Matting
    Need to note that your dog’s fluffy undercoat is really prone to matting. For that reason, you have to brush your Goldendoodle thoroughly, ideally every day. Matted fur tangles very tightly so that it looks and feels like a solid pad close to your Goldendoodle’s skin. After a mat has formed, it is almost impossible to untangle it. Severe mats will cause skin irritation and also can be very painful for your Goldendoodle. In addition, parasites like matted hair and will set up home there quickly, causing more discomfort for your Goldendoodle. So, if your Goldendoodle’s coat is very severely matted, the veterinarian or groomer will highly recommend that your Goldendoodle’s coat be shaved off completely.

Tools For Shaving a Goldendoodle

Most people take their Goldendoodle dog to a professional groomer to have their dog shaved. Usually, the professional groomers will have all the right tools for the job and they are very experienced. But, if you prefer to learn how to shave your Goldendoodle, you are able to try shaving your Goldendoodle at home.

Here are some tools for shaving your Goldendoodle:

  • Dog Clippers
    You are able to buy clippers which are specifically designed for use on the dogs. Most people have two sets of the clippers; a small set for the dog’s head, feet, legs, and armpits, and a bigger set for the dog’s body. You have to select a model which has detachable blades for ease of use and cleaning.
  • Clipper Chart
    A clipper chart will be referred to when you are not familiar with the blade sizes and the corresponding lengths.
  • Blade Coolant
    You do not want your clippers to overheat and burn your Goldendoodle’s skin, so be sure to purchase a blade coolant. The clipping blades have to remain well-oiled to keep them sharp so that they glide smoothly through your Goldendoodle’s. When you clip your Goldendoodle, you will need to stop periodically to clean the blades and apply several coolants to them.
  • Scissors
    You will need a pair of grooming scissors which you are able to use to snip off mats and trim your dog’s coat. Make sure you select blunt-ended scissors so that you do not accidentally cut your Goldendoodle or yourself.
  • Thinning Shears
    The tools are used to rough up the dog’s coat after you have trimmed them with your scissors so that you are not left with harsh straight lines.
  • Grooming Table and Pet Leash
    It is not easy to have your Goldendoodle sit still throughout its grooming process. A grooming table and pet leash can be useful for making sure you do not accidentally hurt your Goldendoodle.

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