What is a Greater Swiss Mountain Doodle?

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The Greater Swiss Mountain Doodle or also known as ‘Swissy Mountain Doodle’ refers to a crossbreed of a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and a Poodle. This hybrid breed is very popular with their intelligent, affectionate, protective and also loyal to their families.

Since they are very popular, it does not wonder if many dog owners are trying to get a Greater Swiss Mountain Doodle. Are you also interested in purchasing a Greater Swiss Mountain Doodle? If so, it would be better for you to learn anything about this hybrid dog breed including their personality, temperament, size, and many more through our post below!

What is a Greater Swiss Mountain Doodle

History and Overview

Since the Greater Swiss Mountain Doodle is a mix breed of a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and a Poodle, you may need to learn more about their parents. It is known that this hybrid dog breed comes from great parents.

  • Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Talking about the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, it refers to an ancient working breed of dog which has a colorful beginning and almost tragic ending. According to some relevant theory, Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs were incorporated and bred into the local population of dogs, after all Sennenhunds descend from the Roman Molossus when Julius Caesar took his army across the Alps.

Because of their great size, they were used by herders, farmers and also merchants. They have been known as faithful, family-oriented and dependable dog breeds which have the ability to herd, guard and pull great amounts of weight.

Generally, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are patient and gentle with children. Due to their size, they may not be an ideal breed for families with very young kids. Talking about the size, they are a giant breed that weighs in at 105 to 140 pounds and females at 85 to 110 pounds.

Currently, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is mainly a family companion or show dog, easygoing temperament and beloved for his gentleness. It is known that he has a lot of good qualities, including an alert nature which makes him a great watchdog.

  • Poodle

Talking about Poodles, it refers to the national dog of France where they are known as the caniche or ‘duck dog’. It is known that the Poodle has been one of the most famous breeds for years and is the main foundation for more than 100 hybrid breeds.

Originally, Poodle was bred to be a waterfowl retriever, but over years this ancient breed has become so much more. Of course, there is a difference of opinion regardless of the origin of Poodle. The British and American Kennel Club’s state the origin of Poodle as German, but the French Kennel Club reveals the origin of Poodle as French.

Regarding their origin, but today’s popularity of the Poodle comes from their intelligence, temperament, personality and their low shedding fur type. That’s why out of all the crossbreeds, the Poodle cross is so prevalent.


It is known that the Greater Swiss Mountain Doodle is loyal and devoted to their families. It does not wonder if they are protective and enjoy nothing more than spending time with their favorite humans. They are very affectionate family companions as well, though they are hardworking and determined working dogs.

Greater Swiss Mountain Doodles tend to have sweet natures and playful personalities as they’re with their families. They will get along well with your kids, pets and other dogs. They are initially wary of strangers, due to their protective and watchdog tendencies. Therefore, they will warm up quickly to strangers after they are introduced, as long as they are willing to be socialized.


According to some sources, a fully-grown Greater Swiss Mountain Doodle commonly stands 22 – 28 inches tall which can weigh 40 – above 100 pounds. The size of the Greater Swiss Mountain Doodle will also depend on which parent they take care of after more.


As a very high-energy dog, the Greater Swiss Mountain Doodle really needs a lot of activity and a job to do, so that they will get healthy and always be happy. Sometimes, they will also fit their energy level to yours, but it will not maintain a lower activity level for long.

The kind of exercise you can choose is to go for a walk regularly and other activities that will usually be enough for this dog. If necessary, they will likely be up for more activity. So, just ensure you are keeping things low-impact until Greater Swiss Mountain Doodle puppies complete growing to prevent damage to develop bones and joints.


The Greater Swiss Mountain Doodle is known as a moderately adaptable dog. Since they are large dogs with a lot of energy, they will be better suited to larger homes with room for them to run. Even though they are very sensitive to heat, they can really handle some colds well. However, you cannot leave them alone, as they bond so closely with your family.


Some health problems that the Greater Swiss Mountain Doodles get include hip dysplasia, epilepsy, elbow dysplasia, skin conditions, eye issues and von Willebrand’s disease. But, you don’t have to worry, as the reputable breeders will do screening their dogs to prevent any health issues to the puppies.

Of course, Greater Swiss Mountain Doodle is at risk for bloat, though it can sometimes just be gas, leading to gastric torsion that is dangerous enough and fatal if not treated well. So, it’s highly recommended for you to look for a way to reduce the risk of bloat in dogs.


The Greater Swiss Mountain Doodles can also end up with a coat closer to their parent, even though they can sometimes inherit non-shedding Poodle coats. If they have a shedding coat, you may need to brush their hair regularly and give them the occasional bath.

So far, daily and regular brushing will be required to prevent mats and remove tangles. Ideally, your vet will ask you for professional grooming every 4 – 6 weeks. If you visit professional groomers, they may be able to take care of some of it.

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