Best Scissors for Goldendoodle

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One of the grooming tools you shouldn’t forget is scissors/ shears. This tool really works to tidy up your Goldendoodle’s straggly hairs to look neater. Aside from that, the scissors can also be used to get rid of any especially stubborn mats and knots.

In the case of selecting a pair of scissors, you may need to buy it with high-quality, premium scissors, as this is an important addition to any personal dog grooming kit. Moreover, the grooming scissors play an important role in making your Goldendoodle look more gorgeous when their hair is styled.

Best Scissors for Goldendoodle

Another benefit of shears is to remove mats and tangles, as well as to help blend different hair lengths on your Goldendoodle. Unfortunately, not all scissor products will be perfect to use, some of them may work badly. You shouldn’t worry, as we’ll show you some best scissors products for grooming your Goldendoodle. Let’s check them below!

1)  Laazar Pro Shear Curved Dog Grooming Scissors

Laazar Pro Shear Curved Dog Grooming Scissors

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After taking a little research, we finally put Laazar Pro Shear Curved Dog Grooming Scissors as the first best of grooming scissors. The scissors have sharp, curved blades with a beveled edge, giving you a smooth cut without snagging or pulling on your Goldendoodle’s body hair.

The super durable scissors are made from rust-resistant stainless steel for longevity. With removable comfort rings, a finger rest and an adjustable screw, it really works to make grooming your Goldendoodle a comfortable, unforgettable experience.

Here are pros and cons of Laazar Pro Shear Curved Dog Grooming Scissors:


  • Excellent quality
  • Ultra-sharp, curved blades
  • Gelled comfort rings
  • Integrated finger rest


  • Gell inserts sometimes come out

2) Pet Magasin 2-Pair Grooming Scissors

Pet Magasin 2-Pair Grooming Scissors

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Because of its value and quality, Pet Magasin 2-Pair Grooming Scissors has become a favorite grooming scissors among dog owners. The scissors are included into bull nose/ safety scissors that come in a kit containing 7.5-inch scissors with smooth blades and 6-inch scissors with micro-serrated blades.

Pet Magasin 2-Pair Grooming Scissors are constructed of quality stainless steel blades, making sure a long lasting, sharp cutting edge. With a smooth, padded handle and also an extra finger rest, the scissors are really designed ergonomically to make it very comfortable to use.

With both right-hand and left-hand uses, you can also comfortably position your ring finger for control, accuracy and smooth, clean cuts. The scissors also have remarkable details including a colorful handle, a satin finish and also its signature hinge screw, making them look perfect.

Here are pros and cons of Pet Magasin 2-Pair Grooming Scissors:


  • Excellent quality stainless steel
  • Set of 2 scissors


  • None

3) Sharf Gold Touch Professional Pet Shears Kit

Sharf Gold Touch Professional Pet Shears Kit


Buy Sharf Gold Touch Professional Pet Shears Kit on Amazon.

The scissors are categorized into grooming shears that differ from bull nose scissors in that they do not have a rounded tip for safety. Grooming shears will really help you reach a perfect and professional grooming, depending on the price and quality.

Curved and straight are two types of grooming shears. The curved grooming shears are great for shaping body parts like under the belly, the face, tail and paws, while straight grooming shears are very blunt and will be perfect for cutting the length off your Doodle’s hair.

Sharf Gold Touch Professional Pet Shears Kit is a great curved grooming shears option that features two 7.5-inch dog grooming shears. This product is made of top quality 440c Japanese stainless steel.

Sharf Gold Touch Professional Pet Shears are also featured with luxurious gold accents with removable rubber pads in the handles. Of course, this product is sure to increase your grooming result.

It’s important to note, selecting grooming scissors and shears will be largely based on personal preference. Of course, you can choose the scissors product offered at an affordable price.

4) Pet Magasin Thinning Shears

Pet Magasin Thinning Shears

Buy Pet Magasin Thinning Shears on Amazon.

It is known that thinning shears are perfect to use for thinning and blending, helping you to complete and leave a Goldendoodle’s hair smooth and natural-looking. The thinning shears will also work to break up matted dog coats and also remove mats without leaving a bald spot.

Of course, Pet Magasin Thinning Shears are great grooming shears for you with an affordable yet high-quality option. With 26-toothed blades, the shears definitely make them amazing for general purposes without leaving overly thick hair.

Furthermore, the blades really have very blunt tips that are made from Japanese surgical stainless steel for long lasting durability and the best cut possible. The contoured finger loops and an extra finger rest make the shears really comfortable to use.

You can also find a hinge screw on the grooming shears that can be adjusted to a looser or a tighter scissor option to fit your preferences and to fit the area actively being trimmed. This product offers a 2-year warranty and 100% money-back guarantee

Okay, those are the best scissors you can buy for grooming your Goldendoodle. Make sure to select the best, worthy and affordable ones to allow you to get successful grooming of your Goldendoodle.

Of course, you currently have a great place to start finding the best in that affordable grooming scissors for your Goldendoodle cuts. Need to know, the scissors products that we list above are the most highly-rated grooming scissors which will leave your Goldendoodle looking perfect.

How Often Should You Groom Your Goldendoodle?

It’s very important for you to know how often you should bring your Goldendoodle to a groomer or do-it-yourself at home. Reportedly, most Goldendoodle owners will bring their pets to a groomer every four to six weeks. In fact, this amounts to quite a lot of expenditure, over the course of a year.

Since grooming your Goldendoodle with a groomer takes a very high cost, instead you can do it by yourself at home to save your fortune on groomer’s fees. Of course, you can really groom your Goldendoodle at home easily, but make sure to equip some necessary tools for grooming your Goldendoodle, one of them is the grooming scissors or shears.

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