When is a Goldendoodle Done with Puberty?

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Just like humans, dogs such as Goldendoodles go through puberty. However, because their life spans are shorter compared to humans, this phase usually happens when they are still puppies. A Goldendoodle puppy can go through this phase somewhere between 4 and 20 months. It is equal to a human’s first 18 years. Similar to humans, the small breeds develop faster compared to the larger ones and the female dogs tend to mature faster compared to the male ones.

When Goldendoodles are going through puberty, they will not get acne on their face and there will not be facial hair. It should not be shocking if there is no facial hair as it is not the best measure of puberty in a pet. The most common and the most visible change is their behavior. Just like humans, the Goldendoodles that are in puberty tend to show inappropriate behaviors. For males one, they usually mark and mount and find the female dogs that they find interesting.

When is a Goldendoodle Done with Puberty

Then, what about the female Goldendoodles? Do they also show the signs of puberty? For those who are wondering about the female ones, they reach sexual maturity once they go into “heat”. When they are about to reach that stage, they usually show some physical signs, such as excessive shedding and licking of genitals. When they are heated, male dogs will be drawn to the scent that they release. The male ones will try their best to get closer to the female ones and to do something with them.

During this period, they can become pregnant. As there is a risk of an increased chance of health and behavioral issues, spaying or breeding a dog before that is not recommended. If the owners of the dogs do not want theirs to get pregnant, they should keep them indoors. Actually, it is fine for them if they want to keep them outdoors as long as there is a secure physical barrier around them.

Not only these signs that are specific to gender, both male and female Goldendoodles also share some similarities when they are in puberty. During this time, they usually feel anxious, insecure, emotional, and easily get angry. When they are in training, they will not obey the commands given by the owners. They just do what they want and do not care what their owners say. Their personalities are similar to rebellious teenagers who do the things that they want and do not care about their surroundings. When they are around the other dogs, they may also act protective and picky about the ones that they want to play with. All in their heads is probably the thought that they are better than the others and if they disagree they do not hesitate to fight them. What is the worst is that even if there is nothing that can cause the fight, they will usually find a way to fight the others.

When the dogs like Goldendoodles are in the adolescence phase, they also have an abundance of energy. With the unlimited energy that they have, they often chew some things that they should not do. If the owners do not provide them with chew toys, do not be surprised if furniture and some other things at their home are damaged due to getting chewed by them. Apart from that, if the owners do not help them to release their energy, they can pull on leases and dig. They will not hesitate to rebel to their owners and cause chaos until they get what they want.

From the information above, it can be said that the puberty period that Goldendoodle usually goes through is clearly not easy for the owners. While the physical changes seem to not really matter, the changes in personality do. Lots of dog owners are tired and feel like in hell when their dogs are going through puberty. Due to the energy that they have to spend to take care of these things in puberty and due to the emotional pain caused by these dogs, these owners want nothing but for this phase to pass as soon as possible.

If you have a Goldendoodle that is currently going through a puberty phase, you may also feel the same. As you are tired with everything, you may want to send it soon. Then, when is a Goldendoodle done with puberty?

Usually, the Goldendoodle puppies are done with puberty or are sexually mature by the time they are 1 year old. It is the same for male and female Goldendoodles. At this stage, they usually show clear indications of hormonal behaviors.  However, there are also some sources that state that the phase that feels like in hell ends when the dogs are 9 months for those that are smaller and 15 months for the ones that are larger. By the time, they are developed and almost finished maturing.

When they turn 1 year old or when the puberty phase passes, their personality changes for the better in lots of ways. The changes may be drastic, to the point some people may be wondering if these dogs are the same ones. At this age, they are calmer compared to their puberty days. Not only that, they are more confident. They no longer like biting and destroying the items at home. While there may be some bad things left as they are still likely to be in the midst of adolescence, it is still good for the owners.

Even when their Goldendoodles are about to reach adulthood, everything is not settled and the owners should continue giving them training. It is needed for them to train them using force free, positive reinforcement training. They should also reward their dogs for every good choice that they make. On the other hand, if their dogs choose a bad choice, try to limit their ability to choose the same thing. One of the things that these owners can do to limit them is to use a harness and long line.

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