How Much is a Blue Merle Aussiedoodle?

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Blue merle is one of the popular colours of AussieDoodle. They are very sought after because they have beautiful Australian Shepherd inspired coats. Now, the question is, how much is a blue merle AussieDoodle? Here is the information that I got about the price of blue merle AussieDoodle.

The Price of Blue Merle AussieDoodle

If you access the Signature Doodles site, you will see that the price of merle AussieDoodle is $3,400. How about the other colors? Tri-Color, phantom, and sable Aussiedoodle costs $3,100. Bi-color, phantom and sable Aussiedoodle costs $2,800. Solid Aussidoodle costs $2,500.

The Price of Blue Merle AussieDoodle

According to the Dog Leash Pro site, the cost of a blue merle AussieDoodle puppy is around $3,000 on average.

If you access Stein Doodles site, you will see that the price of mini/moyen/standard blue merle AussieDoodle is $2,700. And here is the list of other mini/ moyen/ standard AussieDoodle (20 lbs and above) prices on Stein Doodles site.

  • Black/Black Abstract/Black Tuxedo costs $2000.
  • Parti costs a minimum of $2200.
  • Brown costs $2200.
  • Sable costs $2500.
  • Red/Cream/White costs $2500.
  • Phantom costs $2500.
  • Brindle costs $2500.
  • Tri-Color/Agouti costs $2700.
  • Red Merle costs $2700.
  • Merle Phantom (Red or Blue) costs $3000.
  • Merle Tri (Red/Brown or Blue) costs $3300.

The price of a toy blue merle AussieDoodle in Stein Doodles site is $3,000. And here are the prices of the other toy AussieDoodles (20 lbs and under) on Stein Doodles site.

  • Black/Black Abstract/Black Tuxedo costs $2000.
  • Parti costs a minimum of $2300.
  • Brown costs $2400.
  • Sable costs $2500.
  • Red/Cream/White costs $2500.
  • Brindle costs $2500.
  • Phantom costs $2700.
  • Tri-Color/Agouti costs $2900.
  • Blue Merle costs $3000.
  • Red Merle costs $3000.
  • Merle Phantom (Red or Blue) costs $3200.
  • Merle Tri costs $3400.

On the Crockett Doodles site, the price for a merle AussieDoodle puppy is around $2,200 to $2,900. And here is the base price list of other AussieDoodles in the Crockett Doodles site.

  • Solid colored black Aussiedoodle puppy costs $900-1200.
  • Solid colored Aussiedoodle puppy (white, cream or golden) costs $1,100-2200.
  • Bi-colored; or solid colored chocolate or red Aussiedoodle puppy costs $1,500-2200.
  • Tri-colored Aussiedoodle puppy costs $1,900-2500.

As explained on the Little Happy Paw site, merle AussieDoodle is the most expensive one where the average price of a tri-colored merle AussieDoodle is around $4,500 and the price of solid blue or red merle is around $3,000. For mini merle AussieDoodle, the price is higher and even mini AussieDoodle is difficult to breed so they are rare.

How Much is a Blue Merle Aussiedoodle

The Things That Determine the Price of AussieDoodles

As you are able to see from the list of AussieDoodle prices above, the price is different from one color to another. However, color is not the only factor which determines the price of AussieDoodles. There are some other factors and you are able to read the factors that determine the price of AussieDoodles below according to the We Love Doodles site.

  • The Size of AussieDoodles
    The size of AussieDoodles can be found in mini, medium and standard. Micro, toy, and teacup sizes are in the mini AussieDoodle category. The AussieDoodles in these sizes have a more expensive price if you compare with medium or standard ones. You can even find that the price for a toy or a teacup AussieDoodle is $4,500. However, many people do not recommend having a toy or teacup AussieDoodle because of the unethical breeding practices and health issues.
  • The Cost of Breeding Stock
    To get breeding stock, usually a reputable Aussiedoodle breeder needs to pay $2,000 to $6,000 for a non-health tested puppy or $10,000 for a health tested puppy or adult tested Aussiedoodle. A breeder who produced F1 AussieDoodles buys quality breeding parents, the Australian Shepherd, or the Poodle for $750 to $3,000. The cost is higher depending on the generation and the health testing that the parent breeds have. Usually, to breed reputable Aussiedoodle puppies, breeders only use AKC or CKC certified dogs.
  • Test for Health Genetic
    Breeders also often invest in the genetic health testing of all their AussieDoodles. They do this to make sure that the dogs are healthy. The tests include an OFA Hips and Elbows X-ray which costs more than $200 each. There is a CERF exam which costs $140 and above, a DNA test for $50 and above, and also Heart clearance. Usually, a reputable AussieDoodle will show you the documents about these things to prove that their dogs are healthy.
  • The Age of AussieDoodle Puppy
    For your information, the older an AussieDoodle is, the cheaper the price is. However, there are a lot of people who prefer to bring home an AussieDoodle that is 8 weeks old than an AussieDoodle that is 16 weeks.
  • The Coat Color of AussieDoodles
    There are a lot of color varieties of AussieDoodle such as red merle, black, blue merle, chocolate, silver, or red sable. Besides, there are also attractive patterns such as brindle, blue merle parti, phantom, red merle tri, or abstract. Certain coat colors like blue merles can increase the price of the AussieDoodle. If the AussieDoole color is rarer, the price will be more expensive.
  • Location of AussieDoodle Breeder
    The location of AussieDoodle breeders can affect the price of the AussieDoodles that they sell. Let’s say that you buy an AussieDoodle from a far location and the dog is shipped via commercial flights. If so, you have to pay for flight tickets for sure, an in-flight cabin nanny and also any added procedural costs such as quarantine. If you choose to use ground shipping, of course it is cheaper. Not only about the way they are shipped, a breeder which lives in a certain location such as New York City can charge more than a breeder who lives in the Midwest.

So, that’s the information about the price of blue merle AussieDoodle, the price of the other color of AussieDoodles and also the things that determine the price of an AussieDoodle according to some online sources. Another thing that I want to remind you is that if you are a muslim, you have to make sure that you do not have a dog whatever the type of dog is. It is because muslim is forbidden to have a dog, unless for watchdogs.

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