Mini Goldendoodles Breeders in Vermont

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Raising a dog might be a dream of everyone. It is such a good choice for those who want to get an additional energy from this pet. As there are a lot of kinds of dog, you must be confused of what dog you have to get to play and accompany you. For everyone who lives in Vermont and wants to purchase a Mini Goldendoodle, one of the recommended places is MorningShine MountainDoods. Have you ever heard about this name before?

MorningShine MountainDoods is a breeder that located on the eastern slopes of the Green Mountains of Vermont and it is now venturing into the Adirondacks of New York where it will continue to be home to Doodles of Vermont and will be the new home of MonringShine MountainDoods. Being away in the mountains is the great place to raise and romp with the puppies. the location makes it easy to romp in the High Peaks and the forests and doodling in the lakes.

MorningShine MountainDoods focuses specifically on advanced generation breeding of Goldendoodles and it has develops lines of mini, medium, and standard sized puppies. Everyone in MorningShine MountainDoods is excited about offering the wide range of colors, including creams, golds, chocolates, chocolate phantoms, and occasional reds and brindle. This breeder has been breeding standards and medium or standards for seven years. They have taken a long time to develop the mini lines more than several generations and are quite happy with the conformation and quality of the puppies.

Every Mini Goldendoodles in MorningShine MountainDoods has been through the screening tests for breeding dogs, including OFA and or PennHIP, annual CERF, OFA elbows or patellae, cardiac, clear for vWD, will be testing for PRA. There are two years of health warranty for disabling genetic conditions, re-homing support available. If you want to ship the Mini Goldendoodle, shipping is available.

If you purchase Mini Goldendoodle in MorningShine MountainDoods, the breeder will offer the early training and boarding on the limited basis to the puppy families. All the training includes early house training, leash walking, come, sit, stay, down and friendly socialization with the other dogs ranging from the BigMamaDood that looks out to make sure the other young dogs do not get too rough with the babies right on down to the young adults, older puppies, and siblings. Everything depends on what combination of Mini Goldendoodles they happen to have at that time. Aside from that, they will also offer you the follow up consultations for families once they have taken your new baby home with you.

How about the early spay or neuter? Fortunately, MorningShine MountainDoods will include spay or neuter in the contract as required unless the breeder is specifically selling a breeding prospect to the customers.

For more information about MorningShine MountainDoods and what Mini Goldendoodles are available to be purchased on this breeder, please visit the official website of MorningShine MountainDoods. If you have any questions, you can call MountainDoods at (518) 946 7441 or send an email to

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