Pros and Cons of Goldendoodles

Do you have a plan to take care of a dog? If the answer to the question is yes, Goldendoodle is one of the best option. Goldendoodles is the combination between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. This bred is not purebreed and it is not a registered one.

Goldendoodle is perfect choice for most owners and in fact, there are few drawbacks to this breed. They are really smart, trainable, lovely and gentle fluffballs. The size of them ranges from small to large and are therefore, able to find a place in any home. This breed has wavy coats that require little grooming and are mostly hypoallergenic with the large variety of colors.

After reading the brief information about Goldendoodles above, your interest on this breed may be increasing. As the contrary, you might be also feel not sure about your will. Is Goldendoodle really the one that you want? Before looking for a place to purchase or adopt Goldendoodles, it is better for you to know about the pros and the cons of Goldendoodles first.

Goldendoodles is commonly a companion dog. However, their trainable, gentle and lovable personalities let them to perform therapy dog duties. It is stated that they will be quite content to live with the average owner of family. It means that the intensely active lifestyle is not important. The Petite and Miniature Goldendoodles will do fine in the small dwelling. On the other hand, the Medium to Standard sized may not be comfortable in the small house, apartment, or condo. As long as you give them enough exercise a fenced yard is nor important, although they will certainly make use of it if you do.

In order to make you understand the pros and cons of Goldendoodles better, here is the list of the pros of Goldendoodles:

  • They are perfect choice for households with children, other pets, and frequent visitors.
  • They are fairly low maintenance coat.
  • They are energetic and willing to participate in your exercise.
  • People with allergies should do fine with this breed.
  • They are extremely trainable.

As for the cons, some of them are:

  • ¬†Several varieties may be too large for the small house, a small apartment, or a small condo.
  • They need a daily, outdoor exercise (preferably an hour).
  • They may develop destructive behaviours if they left alone for long periods of time.

Knowing the pros and the cons of Goldendoodles is really important. If you know them all, it means you accept this breed with all of your heart, even they have cons. This one also mean that you can anticipate everything that might happen when you own this dog later.

For more information about the pros and cons of Goldendoodles, you can ask the breeder. Please ask them many things until you understand everything. In addition, you are also recommended to join the community of Goldendoodles and discuss with them about this topic. It is one of the best options.

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