Is It Better to Get a Boy or Girl Goldendoodle?

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When people want to get goldendoodles, they do not only think about colors, but they may also think of the gender. They may be confused whether they need to have a boy or girl goldendoodles. Here is the information about getting a boy vs girl goldendoodle according to the Popular Doodle site.

However, before I tell you about which one the better whether getting a boy or girl goldendoodle, it is important for you to note that if you are a muslim, you have to make sure that you do not have dogs since it is forbidden.

Size Difference Between Male and Female Goldendoodles

Generally, male goldendoodles grow a little bit bigger than the female ones. So, the male goldendoodles usually will have more weight and height. How much is the average size difference between a male and a female goldendoodle? Generally, the average size difference between a male and a female goldendoodle is around 10%. However, particularly in smaller Toy or Mini Goldendoodles, the size including the height and weight difference cannot be seen or negligible. If you want a larger goldendoodle, of course a male goldendoodle will be your choice. Nevertheless, even though male goldendoodles can end up bigger than the female ones, female goldendoodles usually have a tendency to mature faster so that female goldendoodles can get their full-grown size earlier.

Is It Better to Get a Boy or Girl Goldendoodle

Health Difference Between Male and Female Goldendoodles

There are Goldendoodles health issues that can be a problem in their life. However, it is not because they are males or females. Whether the goldendoodle is a male or female, they still have the similar estimated lifespans and they also have the same possibility to undergo accidents or illnesses. So, it is important to invest in quality pet insurance regardless of whether the goldendoodle is male or female. By having pet insurance, it can cover up to 90% of the dog’s medical bills.

Grooming and Coat Difference Between Male and Female Goldendoodles

There is no difference between the coats and grooming of male and female goldendoodles. It is because Goldendoodle’s coat is not determined by gender, but it is determined by DNA and what generation of Goldendoodle they are. As explained on the Popular Doodle site, there is no advantage to a particular gender when it comes to Goldendoodles shedding, being allergy-friendly, or having any other coat features. So, whether you choose to have a male or female Goldendoodle, you will have to brush and groom them to ensure that their coat remains free of tangles and matting.

The Personality Difference Between Male and Female Goldendoodles

If we talk about the personality difference between male and female goldendoodles, there are more myths than facts spreading in the community. There are a lot of people who are curious whether male Goldendoodles are more aggressive or not and whether male Goldendoodles bite more or not. There are some studies which have shown that more male dogs are more aggressive than female dogs. As cited from Popular Doodle site, the consensus among professionals is that it is able to be chalked up far more to circumstances and training than gender.

There are also misconceptions that female Goldendoodles are friendlier and male Goldendoodles are more independent. However, it is not true because these personality traits come down to the DNA of individual puppies and how they have been raised and it is not determined by their gender.

Behavioural Difference Between Male and Female Goldendoodles

According to the Popular Doodle site, there are two primary behavioural differences that people associate with a male or female Goldendoodle namely humping and marking their territory. You are able to read the explanation about each of them below according to the Popular Doodle site.

  • Goldendoodle Humping
    Humping is an unwanted behaviour that is often associated with a male Goldendoodle and female Goldendoodle. A lot of people do not know that both a male or female Goldendoodle can be wrong in this case. It is important for you to note that humping is not always a sexual act, but often it is just used for play or posturing for dominance.
  • Goldendoodle Territory Marking
    There are a lot of people who plan to have a Goldendoodle and they prefer a female Goldendoodle because of the stigma of male Goldendoodles marking their territory. However, it is not a good assumption since female Goldendoodle not only can mark their territory, but if a male is neutered, it will get rid of or at least lessen this behaviour. The obvious behaviour difference between a male and a female Goldendoodle is that they way they pee. Usually, female Goldendoodles tend to squat when they are peeing, meanwhile male Goldendoodles will lift their leg when they are peeing. There are some people who prefer female Goldendoodles because of personal preference about how classy they pee. However, there are also male Goldendoodles which prefer to squat when they are peeing depending on how early they are neutered.

So, Male or Female Goldendoodle?

Actually, whether you have to choose male or female Goldendoodle, it is up to you. However, of course before you decide, there are a lot of things that you have to consider because different genders have different characteristics and requirements.

Another thing that you also have to consider is the reputation of the Goldendoodle breeder or Goldendoodle rescue organization where you will take the Goldendoodle. You have to be careful in deciding this thing and make sure that you make a decision after you do enough research. It is done to avoid you from being scammed and to avoid you from supporting an unethical breeder.

You also have to consider the size of Goldendoodle that you like and the family history of the puppy. It is better if you choose a puppy in person rather than only through photos or videos to know the personality of the puppy.

So, before you make a decision, it is better for you to consider many things because once you have a pet, you have to commit to everything related to the pet.

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