How to Train a Double Doodle

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Double Doodles which are obedient are very intelligent. So, they are fast in getting commands and they may need some repetitions. However, even though they are intelligent and fast learners, it does not mean that the process of training will be easy.

To train a double doodle, according to the Pet Guide, a strong pack leader is needed. The trainer must establish himself in the alpha role with a firm but gentle hand. Double doodle is a dog which can respond well in obedience and socializing training. If the trainer has established himself as the alpha in the relationship, then training will be easy to do.

How to Train a Double Doodle

When a double doodle is being trained, same as other dogs, usually they like rewards-based training with praise and treats. By giving them rewards, the goal of training will be achieved.

To train a Double Doodle, firm authority with a gentle touch is right to be given. So, negative reinforcement and excessive punishment is not right for them and even these are categorized into abuse rather than training and these must be avoided.

There are several things that must be trained to a Double Doodle and here is how to train a Double Doodle according to the Pet Net Id site.

Training a Double Doodle Puppy to Potty

A Double Doodle needs to be trained to potty. Usually, training to potty will spend some time. Besides, it will also be challenging. Here are the steps to train a double doodle to potty according to the Pet Net Id site.

  • The owner of the double doodle young puppy usually takes the puppy out often. The puppy may be taken outside every hour that the owner can and wait there with the puppy for some minutes to see whether they have to go. By doing this, it will limit the possibilities of them going to the toilet inside and teach them where they should do it. When the puppy goes to the toilet outside, the owner will praise them. Over time, the double doodle will know that they must go to the toilet outside. When they are improving in doing it, the owner usually extends the quantity of time between going outside.
  • The owner learns the indications of their dog which needs to go. Usually, the common signs of dogs going to the toilet are squatting, sniffing the floor, barking, circling, and waiting at the door that leads outside.
  • The owner will take the double doodle to the similar area whenever and they do it through the same exit every time they take the dog to go to the toilet. By doing this, it will teach the dog to only enter the similar area. The exit should be quickly visible so that you will know when the dog is going there or waiting there that they need to go to the toilet.

Training a Double Doodle Not to Bite

According to the Center for Disease Control as explained on the Pet Net ID site, it is specified that pet dogs bite approximately 4.5 million individuals annually. So, training a double doodle not to bite is important. According to the Pet Net Id site, here are the steps to train a double doodle not to bite.

  • The owner has to mingle their double doodle when the dog is young. The dogs can be presented to a lot of new people, locations and scenarios. It is done because if they are well-socialized, usually they will be less anxious when they are in new circumstances and they will be less aggressive.
  • The owner should sterilize their double doodle. According to some proof, dogs that are sterilized have a tendency to be less aggressive and less to bite.
  • Double Doodle must take part in obedience training. If the double doodle is loyal, they will be easier to manage. So, they will be less aggressive and bite if their habits can be managed.
  • Double Doodle’s body language must be aware of. It is important to note that a Double Doodle which is afraid of their territory to be entered, they have a tendency to be aggressive and bite. The signs of double doodles are not pleasant are bared teeth, raised hackles, and a lowered head. If a Double Doodle shows these signs, they must be comforted and the scenario must be removed when it is safe.

Training a Double Doodle to Stop Barking

It takes time to make a Double Doodle to stop barking. Not only that, practice and consistency are also needed. Here are the steps to train a Double Doodle to stop barking according to the Pet Net Id site.

  • When Double Doodle is barking, the owner should not shout back. It is because shouting back will make the Double Doodle bark more since they think that the owner is taking part in it. The owner should speak securely and calmly and do not yell.
  • The owner teaches double doodles to understand the word ‘Quiet’. So, whenever the double doodle is barking, by saying ‘Quiet’ in a firm and calm voice, it can stop the dog from barking. Wait for them to stop barking and when they stop barking, the owner can applaud and give a treat.
  • A quiet Double Doodle may be exhausted. It means that when they bark a lot, they need to be taken out for more routine exercise or play. When they are tired, usually they bark less.

Well, that’s several methods to train a Double Doodle to potty, stop to bark and not to bite according to the Pet Net Id site. Hopefully, this information is informative enough for you who may wonder how a double doodle is trained. Last but not least, it is important for you to note that it is not recommended to have a dog no matter the type it is especially if you are a muslim since a muslim is forbidden to have a dog. Thank you for reading this article and have a good day.

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