How to Groom a Goldendoodle Tail

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The owners can groom their goldendoodle tail by themselves. However, to do that, they need to know how to groom a goldendoodle tail. Below, you are able to read about grooming a Goldendoodle tail according to some online sources and also some other information related to Goldendoodle’s tail.

Grooming A Goldendoodle’s Tail

According to the Animal Vee site, owners can groom the tail of their Goldendoodle by using scissors or clippers. It is done by starting at the base of the tail and working the way up to prevent accidental cuts from happening when the owners are cutting through the fur which has been cut. When the owner is using scissors, they must hold them parallel to the fur of the dog because it will help ensure that the owner gets a clean cut without entering too deep into the skin.

In case the owner decides to use clippers, the number-three attachment can be used by them. It is the smallest and if the owner uses this, it will give them more control over how much hair is removed. To brush out any knots, the owner also needs to use a comb before cutting them.

A little bit different from the explanation about grooming a goldendoodle’s tail from the Animal Vee as you have read above, according to the We Love Doodles site, if the goldendoodle is cooperative, the largest razor blade size can be used to groom the goldendoodle’s tail. Here are the steps to groom a goldendoodle’s tail according to the We Love Doodles site.

  • In case the goldendoodle is cooperative, the largest razor blade size that the owner has can be used. The cut can be started from near the butt area and go the way to the end of the tail.
  • However, if the dog is not cooperative, scissors or shears can be used to cut the tail hair of the Goldendoodles.
  • Some people may like to thin their Goldendoodles tail hair out a little bit since some debris usually sticks to the tail hair. The thinning shears can be used and thin out the tail hair a little bit.

How to Groom a Goldendoodle Tail

Taking Care Goldendoodle’s Tail Properly

Not only the body of the Goldendoodle needs to be brushed, but the tail of the Goldendoodle also needs to be brushed regularly. Not only brushing it, but also the owner needs to trim the hair around the base of the tail.

Let’s say that the owner does not take care of the Goldendoodle’s tail. If so, the tail may become knots or mats and it can be painful for the dog. It means that taking care of the tail properly is needed and it is one of the important parts of Goldendoodle grooming. By grooming the tail, it will also keep it healthy.

The Things That Can be Done If the Goldendoodle’s Tail Is Injured or Infected

For some owners, finding that their Goldendoodle’s tail is injured or infected is worrying. But, actually they do not need to be worried because the thing that they have to do is to perform something that can heal the injury or infection.

The first thing that they can do when they find that the Goldendoodle’s tail is injured or infected is to take them to the vet and get them treated. However, this option may not be possible in some cases. If it is impossible for the owner to take the dog to a vet because of some reasons such as the vet is far and the dog needs quick treatment, the owner can do something which can help them to be better. They can make the area of the injury or infection clean and dry. A cold compress is able to be used to help reduce swelling. If the infection which is suffered by the dog is severe, antibiotics can be given to the dog. If the tail is red, swollen, or sore, they must be taken to the vet immediately.

How to Avoid Goldendoodle’s Tail Being Trapped in Things

Some owners may find that the tail of their Goldendoodle is trapped in things often. If it happens, the thing that can be done is to make it stay trimmed. Their tails also need to be brushed regularly.

Another way that the owner can do to avoid this thing happening is to make sure that the tail is long enough for them to balance themselves. Let’s say that it is too short. If so, they will not be able to do this and they will fall over all the time.

The owner can try using a harness because it can help prevent injuries from happening if the dog tangled up in something.

If there are no methods above which work, having the dog’s tail docked can be considered. It is where part or all of the tail is removed so that it will not be trapped in things anymore as explained on the Animal Vee site. However, note that this method must be the last method to do after trying all methods. It is because tail docking can be very dangerous and of course painful for the dog. However, I do not recommend this since the dog may be painful, but consulting the vet will be better.

The Type of Goldendoodle Tail

According to the Animal Vee site, there are different types or patterns of Goldendoodle tails such as straight, curly and wavy. Some dogs may have their tails docked when they are puppies where it is done to prevent them from getting trapped in things when they grow older.

Straight or wavy are the most common types of Goldendoodles tails. There are also some dogs which have their tails curled.

Some owners may not be sure about the style of tail of their Goldendoodle. If so, they can ask the breeder or groomer.

Usually, the most common type of Goldendoodle’s tail is straight. Straight tail is easy to groom and it does not need much maintenance. The less common type of Goldendoodle’s tail style is wavy tail. Wavy tail needs more care than a straight one. They also need regular brushing.

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