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Goldendoodles are clearly one of the most charming and the cutest Doodles mixes in the world. They have fluffy coats and adorable appearances. If you have a Goldendoodle and want to get your dog to peak cuteness, you are going to have to groom its hair, including brushing to avoid its hair getting matted, forcing you to shave it all off. Aside from brushing, it is also needed for your dog to get a regular haircut.

There are a number of hairstyles that you can consider for your Goldendoodle. One of the most popular styles that are preferred by the Goldendoodle owners and one of the hairstyles that can make your dog look cute is lamb cut. What is lamb cut?

Cute Goldendoodle Lamb Cut

Lamb cut is one of the hairstyles for Goldendoodles that is adopted from Poodles. This one is really popular among the Poodle owners and now the owners of Goldendoodles also adopt this hairstyle. While this hairstyle looks good on Poodles, some people think that it looks much better on Goldendoodles regardless of their age. It is an adventurous and stylish cut. This hairstyle will make the hair of your dog bounce up and down when it runs outside.

As you can guess from its name, the main goal of the lamb cut is to make your dog look like a lamb that has short body hair and long leg hair. In order to get the lamb cut, the first thing that should be done is to give the dog the Goldendoodle teddy bear cut around its face, neck, and torso. It is about 1 inch long. Make sure to leave the hair on the top of the head and around the legs longer, which is about 2-4 inches.

Actually, there are a few different kinds of Goldendoodle lamb cut. Some dogs have the hair on the legs and around the ears while the body and tail are trimmed, while some others have the hair long on both the legs and tail.

If your Goldendoodle has a lamb cut hairstyle, it will be easy for you to maintain it. It should be noted that the longer the cut the more maintenance is needed. The statement means it will be needed for you to groom your dog more frequently.

For those who have little knowledge about grooming the hair of Goldendoodle, check out the following information as you will be informed about everything.

Grooming the hair of Goldendoodle is a must if you want to make your dog has its best look and to make it feels the best. According to Alexander from DailyPaws, a Goldendoodle should be groomed a minimum of every 4-6 weeks. She added that 8 weeks can work for the ones that have shorter haircut styles. However, very long specialty styles could even require weekly grooming appointments.

Is it possible to maintain the hair of your Goldendoodle at home? If you think taking your dog to a groomer is expensive or if you want to make sure the hair of your dog stays healthy in between grooming appointments, you can maintain the hair of your dog at home. To get the best result, try to use the right routines, grooming products, and resources. Alexander recommended all the owners of the dog to brush the hair of the dog every day in order to prevent uncomfortable mats and knots. Not only that, the woman also advised to feed the dog with a high quality food brand. In addition, using professional pet shampoos and conditioners when bathing the dog are also recommended to keep the hair hydrated and healthy.

As stated before there are a lot of hairstyles for Goldendoodles. If you are tired of lamb cuts or if you do not think that it is the right one for your dog, you may want to consider a haircut that can make your dog the main character anywhere it goes and it can make it stand out among the crowds. The name of the hairstyle is lion cut.

Lion cut is no doubt one of the most unique haircuts for Goldendoodle. As stated before, it is the haircut that can make your dog have the same haircut as a lion. Aside from being unique, it is also fun. According to prrrs&wags, this hairstyle was popularized way back during the 17th century, when Portuguese Water Dogs were given these trims so that they could be more functional in the water. In fact, Goldendoodle is not the only breed that usually gets this haircut. In addition, some other breeds include Lowchen, Pomeranian, and Poodle.

There are some advantages of lion cut. One of the most obvious advantages of lion cut on Goldendoodle is to make it stand out among the crowd. By having this haircut, you will be able to find your dog easily in case you are in the crowd and you lose it. Even if you lose your dog in the dog park where there are a lot of dogs around, it would be easier for you to discover your dog due to its appearance.

In the events such as parties or gatherings, your Goldendoodle can become a main character as it has a unique and fun appearance. Everything will revolve around your dog and your dog will have fun due to affections shown by the others.

After deciding to give your Goldendoodle a lion cut, you can start to let the hair of your dog grow. Once the dog has long hair, it is time for you to go to a groomer. Please find the one that you think can execute this cut really well. The groomer will play its role in making your dog look like a lion with the lion cut. They will shave, trim, body and hair and leave the hair around the face, legs and tip of the tail furry. While the length of the haircut will vary, the shorter areas usually include the back half of the body, the legs and sometimes the face. The ones that will be left longer include the top of the head, the neck, and the front third to half of the body.

If you want to get a lion cut for your Goldendoodle by going to a groomer, you are suggested to find the photo of the Goldendoodle with this haircut so that they will know what to do.

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