How Much Does a Goldendoodle Cost Per Year?

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Having Goldendoodles means that you are ready to spend money for taking care of them. Before you decide to have a Goldendoodle, you have to think about everything like their food, grooming, vaccine and many more. So, how much does a Goldendoodle cost per year?

The Cost of Goldendoodle Per Year

According to the Timberidge Goldendoodles site, the total budget that you have to prepare per year for a Goldendoodle is around $1000 to $1100. This total is estimated for having a 25lb goldendoodle. This total is broken down into some costs of the goldendoodle needs. And here are the basic annual costs of having a Goldendoodle according to the Timberidge Goldendoodles site.

  • The Cost for Annual Vet Visit
    Once per year, goldendoodles need to be taken to the vet for a checkup. In this visit, the goldendoodles will be checked for everything such as a fecal check for intestinal worms, a blood check for heartworms and Lymes disease, and any vaccinations that are needed by the dog. The cost for visiting the vet is around $200. However, it is important for you to note that in the first year of the puppy’s life, the cost may be a bit more for visiting a vet. It is because the puppy will need two trips to the vet for DHPP boosters and a rabies immunization and also for checking pup for intestinal worms. There are some vets who offer special plans for puppies where the cost is around $375 for a plan and it covers 4 office visits, rabies and DHPP x2 shots, some parasite examinations, and wormer. Even most vets will trim toenails for free.
  • The Cost for Grooming
    Goldendoodles do not shed their coats. So, they need regular professional grooming. The cost of grooming can be affected by the length you keep the dog’s coat and maintenance of the coat that you do at home. If the goldendoodle is bigger, the cost for grooming will be more expensive than the smaller one. Generally, the cost for grooming is around $50 to $80 every 8 weeks.
  • The Cost for Parasite Prevention
    Same as other dogs, goldendoodles need to be given monthly heartworm prevention. The cost is around $100 to $110 per year for Sentinel or Interceptor Plus for a dog with 25lb of weight if it is bought from an online pet pharmacy. If the goldendoodle is bigger, the heart worm medication costs will be a little bit more expensive. If you decide to buy online, it will save your money and of course, be easy. You may also need tick prevention, but usually it depends on where you live. Advantix II or other topical tick prevention can be bought from an online pet pharmacy or Amazon and the cost is around $125 per year. Again, if the goldendoodle is over 55lbs, it will be a little bit more expensive.
  • The Cost for Food
    Ordering online is usually cheaper than buying from an offline store and it also happens to dog food. On Amazon, the price of a 30lb bag of Royal Canin is $41 and it is shipped for free to your home. Let’s say that the goldendoodle is fed 2 cups of dry food per day, then the 30lb bag can last around more than 2 months. It means the cost that you have to spend for dog food is $250 per year. Let’s say that you choose to feed the dog a grain-free food such as Fromm, then you have to prepare around $410 per year. If the goldendoodle is bigger, of course the cost for its food will be more expensive.

How Much Does a Goldendoodle Cost Per Year

The Cost for Other Needs

Besides the basic needs above, goldendoodles may also need the other things like initial supply cost, exercise, training, and many more. So, here is the explanation about the cost for other needs for goldendoodles according to the Timberidge Goldendoodles site.

  • The Cost for Initial Supply
    For a new puppy, of course there will be a lot of things that you need to buy beside the basic needs above. One of the initial supplies is a crate. However, you can save your money by being creative where you can buy a used crate or even create it by yourself.
  • The Cost for Exercise
    Are you a busy person who works long hours? If so, you may need to use a doggie daycare or dog walker for several days in a week to exercise the dog when you are away. It is needed when the dog is still a puppy. The cost for doggie daycare is around $20 to $30 per day. In Cincinnati, Petsmart charges $24 for a full day of doggie day camp and Dogtown charges $27.
  • The Cost for Training
    By training goldendoodles, it will be beneficial for manners, bonding, and socialization. In Pups Unleashed Behavior, the cost for training is $80 for five weeks of puppy preschool and Pawlished charges $50 for three weeks. There is also Baxter & Bella which is an online puppy training school where it offers a variety of resources, virtual classes, and video training tips.
  • The Cost for Accidents and Injuries
    There needs to be unexpected expenses for goldendoodles. So, you are able to consider setting funds aside or investing in a pet insurance plan. The goldendoodles may go through an accident, injuries or even become sick so that this fund needs to be prepared.
  • The Cost for Boarding
    Let’s say that you go on vacation. When you do that, you do not only think about your needs, but also the goldendoodle needs. You may think that bringing the goldendoodle is not feasible or practical. If so, Kennels can help you where they charge $16 per day with additional fee for walks, grass time or playtime with other dogs. The cost may vary depending on the weight of the dog. There are also people who are disposed to host the dog in their home when you are away. If so, you can prepare around $20 to $35 per day. Another alternative for puppies is that you can let them stay in a local pet resort. The staying cost in Red Dog’s starts at $36 per night and in Pet Nation Lodge is around $49 per night.

Okay, that’s all about the cost for taking care of goldendoodles per year. However, it is just information that you may want to know. The last, I just want to remind you that if you are a muslim, make sure that you do not have a dog since it is forbidden.

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