F1 Mini Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale

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Welcome to the page. in this page, you will be inform about a puppy known as Mini Goldendoodle. What is Mini Goldendoodle? Have you ever heard the term? Just like any Goldendoodle, Mini Goldendoodle is the crossbreed between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. In case you do not know, apparently, there are a lot of variations of Mini Goldendoodle.

The different percent percentages and the different dog breeds can be involved. The variations of Mini Goldendoodle are the 1st gen of Goldendoodle Mini (F1), the 1st gen Backcross Goldendoodle Mini (F1b), and 2nd gen of Goldendoodle Mini (F2), and the 2nd gen of Backcross Goldendoodle Mini (F2b). The following sentences will be more focus to the F1 Mini Goldendoodle.

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The F1 mini Goldendoodle is the product of the pure Golden Retriever and the pure Poodle. The result of this mix is 50% Poodle and the other 50% Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever. The first gen puppies are the traditional Doodle. All of them have a lot of the traits people think of when they think about Goldendoodle. This kind of Doodle is intelligence, has the loving demeanor, and is also hypoallergenic. When it comes to the allergy, this one is not preferable as many still shed a little. So, you better look for the other puppies if you and your family members have the allergy. The good news is that the first hybrid puppies have the added health benefits associated to Hybrid Vigour. This phenomenon also can be found in the breeding of the other animals. The fact is that the first cross between the two unrelated purebred line is usually healthier and grow better than either parent line.

How about the appearance of this first generation of Mini Goldendoodle? The coat of this generation can be noticed easily. The type of the coat is shaggy and can be curly. The coat can grow to the natural body length of 3 to 5 inches. The coat will require the combing and the occasional grooming. Some owners choose to have the fur cut back once each few months. It is in order to keep the fur shorter and easier to maintain.

Are you interested in taking home the first generation of Mini Goldendoodle puppy? Then, it is time for you to look for F1 mini Goldendoodle for sale. Certainly, you can find a lot of places to look for one. for your reference, Teddy Bear Goldendoodle can be your option. The 1st gen of Goldendoodle in this place will have either ultra cream, red, apricot or black coats. The coat types are very consistent. Generally, the puppies have very nice plush to loose the wavy coats. For the size, you can choose among two types. The first one is the medium size which is approximately 35 to 50 pounds and the second one is the standard which is approximately 55+ pounds. So, will you buy one? It does not matter the name of the place to get a puppy. The only that matter is to buy from the reliable one.

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