Are Standard Goldendoodles Hyper?

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If you want to know whether a standard Goldendoodle is hyper or not, it means that you want to know about their temperament and behaviour. If so, you are able to read the information about whether standard Goldendoodles are hyper or not along with some other information about this breed.

Are Goldendoodles Hyper?

As explained on the Platinum Goldendoodles site, Goldendoodles are energetic and they love to play. However, if you think that they are hyperactive, they are not. Goldendoodles are also loving, intelligent, easy going, easy to train and they are able to get along well with everyone.

Different from what is written on the Platinum Goldendoodles site, on the We Love Doodles site it is explained that Goldendoodles can be hyper and they require exercise every day between. It means that the owner can spend at least one hour per day exercising the Goldendoodle so that the dog will not destroy anything.

You also wonder whether this breed is high energy or not. According to the Designer Dog World site, for the most part, Goldendoodles are high energy, particularly in their first five to eight years of life. They are also affectionate with other pets and they like to run around and play whenever they can. Because they are high energy, they have to do some physical activity. On the Designer Dog World site, it is also explained that even though Goldendoodles are very vigorous, they do not act hyper without reasons. In case a Goldendoodle is acting crazy, the owner needs to reconsider the way they treat the dog.

Are Standard Goldendoodles Hyper

Tips to Calm a Hyper Goldendoodle

If the Goldendoodle is hyper, there are several things that can be done by the owner as you are able to read below according to the Goldendoodle Advice site.

  • The dog must be given more exercise or playtime.
    Goldendoodle must be given a good amount of exercise to be calm. Let’s say that the owner does not give the dog enough exercise to release all the dog’s energy. If so, the dog will find one way for getting their energy out by themselves. To give them exercise, the owner may take them on a long walk. A real change in Goldendoodle can be seen after more long walks. If there is a dog park, the dog can be taken there and let the dog loose to run around. If the dog can play with other dogs, they can do it and run around as they want. Another alternative to get their energy out is to get them to go fetch things.
  • The dog must be trained to know that very hyper behavior is not rewarded.
    Let’s say that the Goldendoodle is very hyper and the owner just laughs it off, pet them and even gives them treats. If it is done, the dog will learn that the high energy or hyper behaviour that they show gets them rewarded. So, make sure not to praise the dog for their hyper behaviour so that it will help them learn that they must be calm to get affection from the owner. A professional dog trainer can also be brought. In a dog training class, the dog will learn things such as obedience which will help them to listen to the owner when the owner tells them to stop or lie down when the dog is hyper.
  • The dog must be supplied with a lot of toys.
    If the owner provides a lot of toys for the Goldendoodle, it can relieve the stress of the owner and also the puppy. It is because sometimes the reason why the dog is zooming around everywhere is because they are feeling uneasy. If there is a toy, it can help the dog to relax and calm down. Some of the toys that the owner can provide for the Goldendoodle are balls, chew toys, ropes, soft plushies, bones, squeaky toys, and hidden treat toys.

The Signs of Goldendoodles Too Much Energy

If a Goldendoodle has too much energy, the dog will show some signs as you are able to read below according to the Goldendoodle Advice site.

  • The dog will pull on their leash.
    Let’s say that the owner takes the dog outside with the aim to go to the bathroom. However, the dog is pulling their leash and the dog is trying desperately to tell the owner that they have too much hyper energy. If it happens, the owner needs to take the dog out for an extra walk.
  • The dog will destroy things.
    If the owner finds that their Goldendoodle is chewing on things and destroying their toys or their furniture, it is a hint that the Goldendoodle is high energy. So, more exercise must be given to them in their daily routine or more playtime.
  • The dog is getting tired quickly.
    When the owner finds that their Goldendoodle is zooming around only to pass out all of sudden directly after it, it means that more exercise is needed by them to let out a sudden burst of energy. A Goldendoodle is having sudden spikes of hyperactivity because they are not letting it out in a longer outlet. So, they will crash shortly after to do it all over again later.
  • The dog is barking and whining excessively.
    When a dog is feeling high energy, the dog will literally tell the owner. The sign is that they will bark and whine at the owner where the dog is begging the owner to help them let it all out. If the owner has fulfilled all the dog’s needs such as food, water, or potty time, but the owner still sees that the dog is barking and whining, it means that the owner needs to let the dog play to cure the dog.

If the owner meets the dog’s need for movement and activity, the Goldendoodle will lead calm lives. However, they can sometimes be very active and high energy and when the dog shows this sign, it can indicate that something is wrong.

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