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If your Goldendoodle is tightly wound, wired, has no desire to settle down, relax, re-group, you probably assume it as being hyperactive or suffering from ADHD. Even the word is commonly used in the society, the actual clinical syndrome of hyperactivity is rare in canines.

According to a post on Huff Post, it is probably more accurate to label most Goldendoodles who are hyperactive as hyperkinetic. Those Goldendoodles do not ever seem to get used to the normal sights, sounds, and smells of their environment. They tend to overact to the stimuli in the everyday lives. They seem like cannot rest, no matter how relax the surroundings or comfy the area.

A lot of veterinarians think that most symptoms of hyperactivity as described by the owners of the dogs are the result of breed characteristics, conditioned behaviour, lack of appropriate pgysical and mental stimulation, or the combination.

In teh clinical hyperkinesis cases, the Goldendoodle is usually 3 year old or older and have not learned to settle down. This kind of dog typically has increased heart and respiratory rates, poor body condition, reactivity, and agitation. It is emotionally aroused by the routine stimuli and often stays in the state of arousal long after the stimuli removed.

In order to diagnose the correct clinical hyperkinesis in Goldendoodle, you have to check out some things such as the conditioning (Goldendoodle has been rewarded for the undesirable behavior), phobias and anxiety disorders, territorialism, hyperthyroidism, allergies or another medical condition, and cognitive decline. If any of those issues exist, the Goldendoodle has to be addressed first. if every potential root caused for the hyperactive behavior is ruled out, there is the traditional way for diagnosing the hyperkinesis which is to observe the Goldendoodle in the hospital setting.

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Hen, what should you do if your Goldendoodle seems hyperactive? You are recommended to evaluate the lifestyle of your Goldendoodle from every angle as the first step. First, make sure that your Goldendoodle is getting plenty of exercise. Second, provide the mental stimulation with puzzles, treat toys, hikes and the other outdoor activities that appeal to the natural instincts of the Goldendoodle. Third, focus on desired behaviors the Goldendoodle performs rather than on something you do not want your dog to do. Apparently, every dog like Goldendoodle dill respond to the positive reinforcement behavior modification, which does not include punishment. Fourth, enroll the Goldendoodle in the obedience class or the activity that will help it focus such as K9 nose work. Fifth, feed the Goldendoodle the balanced, species appropriate diet in order to avoid the food intolerance or allergies. You have to know that food sensitively can contribute to restless, hyperkinetic behavior, and the less than optimal health.s

If all the things above are done and your Goldendoodle is still hyperactive, the next thing that you have to do is to make the appointment with your vet. Please contact them and tell them every single thing about your Goldendoodle so its behavior problem can be solved.

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