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When we buy a pet, in this case is a dog, color may be one of our considerations. Perhaps there is a certain color that we want from our pet. Mini Goldendoodles consists of a variety of colours. If so far you think that mini Goldendoodle is only gold, you are totally wrong. There are a lot of colors of goldendoodle since the Poodle has a wide variety of colors genes in its genetic scope. Mini Goldendoodles can have any color and also marking. Apricot is the most popular color. Then, the second most popular color is cream and the third most popular color is red. Black is the least popular color. If you want to have a mini Goldendoodle with the most popular color, then you should look for Apricot mini Goldendoodle for sale.

Besides apricot, cream, red and black, actually Goldendoodles are available in the other colors as well such as white, chocolate, silver, silver frost, silver phantom, parti colors, tri colors, apricot with black tips, black and tan, black with white markings, red phantom, and silver phantom with gold hues. If you think that red color is cool, you can start looking for red mini Goldendoodle for sale.

Apricot Mini Goldendoodle 1

Apricot Mini Goldendoodle 2

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So, what determines the color of a Goldendoodles? The color of Goldendoodles’ coat is generally determined by the color of the parents of the Goldendoodles. It means that litters that are bred from a black standard poodle will be prone to have black colored puppies, while those from a white standard poodles will be prone to have cream colored puppies. However, there is an exception to this rule. When the Golden Retrieve parent is red, that is generally produces in an apricot color. You have to note that there is no guarantee as to what color of puppies a mating will generate. Several litters will even vary as much as having cream and black puppies in the similar litter. Then, do Goldendoodles change colors when they grow older? Yes. Except that the Goldendoodle is black or very dark brown, most Goldendoodle puppies will end up being some shade of cream. The Goldendoodle puppies that are apricot also will tend to lighten up, but will usually remain apricot once they are grown. So, you have to remember when you buy a Goldendoodle that their fur color will generally get lighter when they grow older.

When you see Apricot vs red Goldendoodle, perhaps you are a little bit confused because both colors are actually almost the same. Well, the things that you have to remember is that the red mini Goldendoodle is darker in color than the apricot one. You can search in the internet about both of these color. There are some photos in the internet where an apricot Goldendoodle and a red Goldendoodle sit together. By seeing both of them together, it will make you easy in differing them in color. When you buy an apricot or red Goldendoodle in a breeder, make sure that you ask about their color when they are puppy and when they are grown because as mentioned previously that color of their coat can change.

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