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One of the considerations when we buy a dog is color. We may have a wish to buy or adopt a dog in certain color because we think that the color is awesome. Mini Goldendoodles have a wide variety of colors. If you think that Goldendoodle is only in gold color, you are wrong. Because Poodle, as their parents, has a wide variety of color genes in its genetic scope, so it makes Goldendoodles have a lot of colors. Goldendoodles can have any colors and marking as well. The most popular color is apricot. Then, cream is the second most popular color and red is the third most popular color. The least popular color of mini Goldendoodles among all of colors is black. If you think that red color is beautiful, then you need to look for mini red Goldendoodle puppies for sale.

Besides those 4 colors, Goldendoodles can be found in the other colors like chocolate, white, silver, silver frost, parti colors, silver phantom, tri colors, black and tan, apricot with black tips, black with white markings, silver phantom with gold hues and red phantom. The colors of Goldendoodles can be determined by the parents’ colors. If you have litters that are bred from a black standard poodle, it will tend to have black puppies. Then, litters from a white standard poodles will tend to have cream puppies. But, you have to remember that there is always an exception to this rule thumb. If the Golden Retriever is red, it usually generates in an apricot color. There is no guarantee as to what color of puppies a mating will produce. Some litters will vary as much as owning cream and black puppies in the same litter. When you buy a puppy, you also have to note that Goldendoodles change their colors when they are grown. Unless that the Goldendoodle is black or very dark brown, so most Goldendoodle puppies will be some shade of cream. So, you have to know that the color of Goldendoodle will be lighter when they are grown.

Red Mini Goldendoodle 1

Red Mini Goldendoodle 2

Red Mini Goldendoodle 3

If you are interested in having red Goldendoodle, you have to know that the red itself can vary. You can have a light red or even dark red mini Goldendoodle. According to one of breeders, red is considered a dilute gene of black. If red is bred with black or brown, white, then black is dominate and pups are black. If you breed two red parents, it will produce red or apricot dog. However, it is very rare to get a true red gene. You also have to remember that red can often fade with maturity as mentioned previously about the change of their color when they are grown. Well, if you are really interested in having mini red Goldendoodle, you need to look for mini red Goldendoodles for sale in the internet or in some local breeders.

Whatever color of dog that you have, the most important thing is you can take care of them well. Make sure that you can take care their coat by bathing them and brushing them.

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