This is Why Apricot Goldendoodle is Most Popular

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Apricot Goldendoodles are often equated with Red Goldendoodles, and even many people tend to consider Apricot Goldendoodles to be Red Goldendoodle. However, they are totally different, Apricot is a golden-brown color, while red is an intense rusty reddish-brown.

An easy way to distinguish between the two colors is by looking at their intensities. Unlike Red Goldendoodles, the Apricot Goldendoodles are much sought-after by dog lovers. So, why do many people love Apricot Goldendoodles? To know people’s reason, let’s dive into our post to see why Apricot Goldendoodles are so popular!

Reasons Why Apricot Goldendoodles Are Most Popular

This is Why Apricot Goldendoodle is Most Popular

The most common reason why Apricot Goldendoodles and why many people love them is because Apricot Goldendoodles look like a sweet little teddy bear. Well, it is a relatively common color which is bred between Goldendoodles, since the American Kennel Club (AKC) acknowledges the ‘Apricot Poodle’ as an official dog breed.

You will almost always see Apricot Goldendoodles have black physical attributes throughout their body including their eyes, nose, toenails and eye rims. Aside from that, the Apricot Goldendoodle coats tend to lighten over time. They may also be confused with a cream Goldendoodle and a tan Goldendoodle.

The fun fact is that the Apricot Poodle was the last official Poodle color that was accepted by the AKC in 1898. It is highly considered that the Apricot Poodle color actually appeared as a rare combination of blue, silver and brown genes.

Apricot is an accepted color of Goldendoodles as an official Poodle color, meaning it is a common color bred in Goldendoodles. After AKC recognized an Apricot Poodle color, of course, you can easily find Apricot Goldendoodle puppies quite easily.

Talking about the appearance of Apricot Goldendoodle, it is known that Apricot Goldendoodles will have black or dark brown points including paw pads, noses, and eye rims. Need to know, the coat color will tend to lighten over time as a part of their natural aging process that can end up a pale orange yellow.

Some Facts You May Not Know About Apricot Goldendoodles

In addition to telling you the reason why Apricot Goldendoodles are the most popular doodle, we will also inform you of some facts about Apricot Goldendoodles that you may not know before. We found the following facts about Apricot Goldendoodles from Here are they:

1) Apricot Goldendoodles and Red Goldendoodles are not same

Most people think that Apricot Goldendoodles and Red Goldendoodles are the same. But, both are very different. It’s very easy to distinguish between Apricot Goldendoodles and Red Goldendoodles.

You can see Apricot Goldendoodles are a lighter color that are similar to that of the inside of a peach. While Red Goldendoodles are much darker that are similar to the typical color of an Irish Setter. They certainly can be some shades in between those two colors. However, both Apricot Goldendoodle and Red Goldendoodle are separate, distinct colors and are also acknowledged as such by almost every Goldendoodle breeder.

2) Apricot Goldendoodles can be multi-colored

Even though plain Apricot is an adorable color for a puppy, there are some color combinations which are also super cute. Well, the most common variation is an apricot and white Goldendoodles. Commonly, Apricot Goldendoodles are the main color with white patches around the face, chest or paws.

Other times, you may see Apricot and White Goldendoodles in which most of a dog’s coat is white with apricot in a few places. They are called Apricot parti Goldendoodles, assuming at least 50% of their coat is white.

3) Apricot is an expensive Goldendoodle color

Depending on their colors or patterns, the breeders may charge different prices for Goldendoodles that many people may not realize about. Of course, the cost of Apricot Goldendoodles will vary significantly. However, the survey showed the average amount spent was $1,500.

4) Apricot Goldendoodles with long or short hair will look gorgeous

Even though every Goldendoodle owner has their own preferences as to how their dogs get groomed, Apricot Goldendoodles will look great with both short and long hair. However, there are so many different haircut styles for Goldendoodles which range anywhere from basic to exotic.

5) The coat of Apricot Goldendoodle have various textures

You may notice that some Apricot Goldendoodles will have curly hair, while others may have a straighter or wavy coat. The kind of coat texture that your puppy has as an adult will depend on their genetics.

Well, the generations of Goldendoodles which are more similar in DNA to a Poodle will be more likely to be on the curlier side. In this case, Goldendoodles will often have wavy or even flat coats, with more Retriever DNA in them.

6) Apricot Goldendoodles are not always hypoallergenic and non-shedding

It is known that Goldendoodles are frequently a common option for potential owners who have allergies or want to avoid the constant cleaning which comes with having a shedding dog.

However, many people do not realize that Goldendoodles are not guaranteed to be non-shedding or hypoallergenic. In fact, it may not even be likely at all, depending on which generation of puppy you will get.

So, if you have severe allergies and are searching for a new puppy, Poodle or maybe a mix-breed comprised of two hypoallergenic parents such as the Schnoodle and Maltipoo is the perfect option for you.

7) The coat of Goldendoole will change color over time

The coat of a goldendoodle and their adult coat do not always look the same. Oftentimes, along with this actually comes some changes in color over time. You should know that your Goldendoodle’s apricot coat probably faces or changes as they grow older. If you have a bi-colored Goldendoodle, their markings probably fade, change or also disappear as well.

8) Goldendoodles have amazing personalities

You do not forget that Goldendoodles are an intelligent and extremely affectionate breed. It is known that Goldendoodles tend to make new friends easily wherever they go and have a goofy side which people fall in love with.

Okay, those are some facts about Apricot Goldendoodles you may not know before.

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