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Poodle hybrids becomes very popular these days. One of them is Mini Goldendoodle which is a crossbreed between a Golden Retriever and a Miniature Poodle. Like Labradoodle and the other Poodle cross breeds, this mini Goldendoodle is bred to generate a very low shedding dog for people who suffer from allergies to shedding hair but want a dog. If you are one of people who have this kind of allergy, but you want to have a dog at your home, then having a mini Goldendoodle is your good choice because this dog can work well for many allergy sufferers. You can get this dog in any reputable breeders. If you live in Oregon area and you want to buy this dog, you can look for mini Goldendoodles Oregon.

Mini Goldendoodle are available in a wide variety of colors. You can find them in apricot, red, brown, black, white,silver, parti colors, silver frost, silver phantom, tri colors, black with white markings, silver phantom with gold markings, apricot with black tips, and black and tan. Mini Goldendoodle is an intelligent, cheerful and friendly dog. They can make an excellent family pet and is good with kids. In addition, they tend to get along with the other dogs and companion animals.Even though unlikely to intimidate people because of its fluffy coat and smaller size, this breed can be an alert watchdog. But, they do not tend to be noisy. Since they can bark infrequently, it is best not to rely on them as a watchdog or dog for protection. So, it seems fun to have this reed, right? If you live in Seattle area, you can try to search miniature Goldendoodle Seattle.

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Well, if you live in Washington area, you can try to search some breeders in the internet. There are some Goldendoodle breeder such as:

  • Annie’s Doodles (Seattle):
  • Mountain Doodles:
  • Goldendoodle and Labradoodle Puppies (Mt. Vernon) :
  • Meghann Johnson :
  • Doodle Cottage in Spokane :
  • Serene Mini Goldendoodle pups in Vancouver.

Firstly, you can visit their website to get to know some information about the breeder. Well, even you can find Serene mini Goldendoodle pups in the last breeder. Okay, finding a reputable breeder is not an easy thing to do, but you can begin with these breeders. When you buy a mini Goldendoodle, make sue that you ask a lot f things to the breeders. The parents of mini Goldendoodle that you will buy, the health, how they are taken care during they live with the breeders. It is done to make sure that you get a dog with the best quality. So, for you who live in Texas, you can search mini Goldendoodle Texas. Once again, make sure that you come to a reputable breeder.

Well, thank you for reading this article. Hopefully, it will be informative and beneficial for you all, especially for you who are looking for a reputable breeder in Washington. Do not forget to read the other article of us.

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  1. The first picture you have posted is my dog. I’d like to kindly request that you remove it or mention our site in the list of breeders. I am the owner of Doodles and More I am one of the leading breeders in NW Washington state. The dog pictured is Lola our retired petite mini goldendoodle.
    I appreciate your cooperation in this and wish you the best of luck with your site. Thank you for sharing such nice information about this amazing breed.

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