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For you whoa re considering to add a smart, loyal, and just plain dog, then you are probably looking at a Goldendoodles, or at least you should be. This kind of hybrid breed is one of the most popular. This one is the mix between the Poodles and the Golden Retrievers. Apparently, there are three sizes of Goldendoodles to choose from. Those are Standard Goldendoodles, Mini Goldendoodles, and Toy Goldendoodles. In this article, you are going to get to know more about the second one which is Mini Goldendoodles.

Are you curious how mini is a Mini Goldendoodle? Then, look for mini Goldendoodle size chart and you can see the comparison of this mini puppy to the standard one. Please keep  reading the rest of the article to know more.

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To know how mini mini Goldendoodle full size is, you can see the standard one first. for the standard one, those dogs are around 22” when you measure it from the floor to the shoulder. It should be higher wen full grown. The female ones range from 50 pounds to 60 pounds. As for the males, it is from 55 pounds to 70 pounds with some tipping the scale at even more.

For the medium sized mini Goldendoodle adult, the size ranges from 35 pounds to 50 pounds once full grown. There is no different for the males and females. Both genders have similar weight. As for the height,  Mini Goldendoodles stand approximately 16 to 20 inches high if you measure it from the shoulders.

The mini Goldendoodle size and weight make them popular with people who are living in the larger homes with fenced yards. This kind of puppy also suits for the smaller accommodations such as condos or townhomes.

How about the coat of Mini Goldendoodle? The coat can come in many different colors. It all depends on the genes of the parents that passed onto the dog. Some of the colors are white, tan, golden, black, silver, red, brown, and even a party or mix.

Mini Goldendoodle is such a loving and loyal dog. It is no wonder that everyone loves them. They also have the sense of smell, so they can be such an alarm for you and your family members if there is something strange. However, you have to train them so they will know which one is a actual treat and which one is not. Are Mini Goldendoodle dogs easy to train? Fortunately, they are easy to train. This kind of dog is intelligent. They even can be taught to enjoy swimming, just like the Poodle and the Golden Retrievers who normally love water. In addition, Mini Goldendoodle dogs are also good with kids. So, for you who have kids at home, you do not have to worry. Mini Goldendoodle dogs are friendly, highly social, and love to play. it is sure that your kids and your dogs can get along well. Cannot wait to bring a Mini Goldendoodle now? Go look for Mini Goldendoodle for sale now!

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  1. My Willie is all of the above -sweet; smart, loves the family and the Boston Terrier and Schnauzer that are also part of our family; cannot wait until summer when I present him with a kiddie pool.

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