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Mini Goldendoodle is mix between a Miniature Poodle and a Golden Retriever. Recently, this breed is getting popular because people like the hypoallergenic properties any breed that are mixed with a poodle can possess. The size of mini Goldendoodle can be different based on the generation of the dog. For example, the first generation (F1) cross will be 50% Miniature Poodle and 50% Golden Retriever. Then, the result will be a dog with 30 to 40 pounds. If a Mini Goldendoodle is mixed with a Miniature Poodle, it will be a second generation (F1-B). Even though this breed is popular, but it is not presently recognized by the AKC or ACA as a purebred dog.

Mini Goldendoodle Price

One of the question from people who want to buy this breed is, how much does a mini Goldendoodle cost? Generally, the average price of Golden Doodle is about $900 to $2400 and it can be higher. The price will be influenced by the quality, inclusions of the adoption, breeder and the geographic location. The price of a Mini Goldendoodle is about $1600 to $2600. If you want to buy it in Niagra, they sells this dog that weighs 15 to 40 pounds for $2600 and the Goldendoodles of Bar C Kennels sells it for $1600.

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Important Factors that Influence the Price

As mentioned before that there are some factors that influence the price of mini Goldendoodle including quality, breeder, inclusions of the adoption and the geographic location. Let’s find out the points of them one by one.

  • Quality

    The quality that is meant is the size and color. Both of those factors will greatly affect the price of a Mini Goldendoodle. Mini Goldendoodle is more expensive than a standard Goldendoodle. Then, the chocolate brown-colored Goldendoodle will be cheaper than an abstract Goldendoodle. It happens because breeding mini and abstract Goldendoodle is more complex.

  • Breeder

    If you come to a popular breeder and they established a reputable image in Goldendoodle breeding, it will affect the price of the Goldendoodle.

  • Inclusions

    When you buy a mini Goldendoodle, generally it has an inclusion of extra service. For example, if you buy the Goldendoodle in Niagra, their puppy comes with a free vaccinations, wellness check-ups, health guarantee, some vitamins or dog food and an insurance. The more freebies you get, the higher you will pay.

  • Location

    Because one region differs rates from another, location should be considered when you buy a Goldendoodle.

  • Extra Cost

    You need to be ready for additional maintenance expenses like grooming tools, health bills, toys, food, shelter and accessories.

Besides thinking about mini Goldendoodle puppies cost, if you buy it from foreign country or the other region that needs to be shipped via a shipping company or via the air, you have to prepare to spend around $75 to $400. It includes the shipping and the crate to secure the dog during the shipping. You also have to note that this breed has common health problems such as hip dysplasia that can cost $2500 or more for treating. Then, if you want to have a female puppy, it will cost more than the male Goldendoodle. It is because females can be used to breed more Goldendoodles.

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