How to Find Twoodle for Sale Near Me

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Twoodle refers to one of designer breeds. This one is the result of the combination of a Smeraglia English Goldendoodle with a Smeraglia Schnoodle. It is one of the well-loved puppies that usually gives a good impression to the others.

Way to find Twoodle for sale

For those who want to find the Twoodle, you can visit a site named Teddy Bear Goldendoodle at There are a very limited number of Twoodle puppies offered by Teddy Bear Goldendoodle each year. For a Twoodle, you will have to spend $3000. Apparently, the price is the same as the one for the Small Teddy Bear Goldendoodles.

How to Find Twoodle for Sale Near Me

For anyone who thinks that one of the Twoodles would be a best small companion for your family, all that you have to do is to give them a call. They will be happily answer everything that you want to ask. The phone number that you can dial is (251) 960-1311. It is the main phone number and it is available from Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM CST.

Keep in mind that the number mentioned above is different with the one for shipping emergency. If you have something to do with shipping emergency, please call the (251) 279-0706 instead or send an email to

Apart from calling the phone number, there are some other ways to reach out the representative of Teddybear Goldendoodles. The first alternative is sending an email. If you want to send one, the email address is It is stated that each email will be checked regularly at night and on weekends. The second one is through fax with the fax number (866) 571-0390. The third one is by visiting the office. If you think this option is such a good idea, remember that you can do it by appointment only during the regular office hours. Remember that the last appointment is scheduled at 3PM, drop ins is not permitted, and there is no appointment that is scheduled on Saturday or Sunday. The last one is by filling out a form that can be found on the official website of Teddy Bear Goldendoodles. The information that should be given include your name, your email address, and the comments.

When looking for a Twoodle breeder, you are recommended to consider the quality of the breeder. In this kind of thing, the proximity is not necessary. It is always better for you to get the one that is slightly far but has quality instead the near one with low quality. The thing is, Twoodle is the one that is specifically produced by Teddy Bear Goldendoodle by Smeraglia. It means you have to option but to get one from this breeder if you want any.

Smelraglia and Twoodle

As you might probably know, Smeraglia is the name of the breeder specialized in the English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle and the Teddy Bear Schnoodle. The main goal of the breeder in mixing the English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle and the Teddy Bear Schnoodle is to create the excellent companion dogs that are blessed with intelligent. They also want to produce the ones loving dogs with great temperaments and hypo allergenic coats. Smeraglia has always loved the English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle and the Teddy Bear Schnoodle for more than a decade due to their qualities. One thing that makes them different is they are hypo-allergenic with low to non-shedding coats. It can be concluded that they are best for those with dog allergies and the perfect one for service and therapy dogs.

Once again, the Twoodle is the result of the pairing of a Smeraglia English Goldendoodle and a Smeraglia Schnoodle. The breeder tries their best to pair these amazing two to get the best thing that they need for every client.

There is a unique formula of Twoodle designed by Smeraglia Enterprises, here it is:

62.5% Poodle / 25% English Golden Retriever / 12.5% Schnauzer = 100% Teddy Bear Twoodle

The other recommended breeders

As stated above, you are recommended to consider the quality of the breeder when you decide to look for a breeder. For anyone who want to get the parent of Twoodle called Goldendoodle, here is the list of the reputable breeders as listed by GANA.

  • Alabama: Amber Moon Goldendoodles, Harvest Moon Goldendoodles, Grace Goldens
  • Arizona: Beautiful Doodles 4 U
  • Arkansas: Diamond Doodles
  • California: Golden Liberty Doodles, OCGoldendoodles
  • Colorado: Zippity Doodles, Red Rock Goldendoodles, Selah Mountain Dogs, Amberdoodles, Front Range Goldendoodles, Shining Star Doodles, Vandenbark Doodles, Pikes Peak Doodles, Inc, Colorado Doodlebugs
  • Florida: Suwanee Goldendoodles, Twin Flames Farm Goldendoodles, Cosmopolitan Companion Dogs, Smart Doodle Puppies, My Little Doodle
  • Georgia: Abounding Grace Doodles, Heaven on Earth Goldendoodles, River Falls Goldendoodles, Goldendoodles on the Hill, Golden Honey Kennel, I Want A Doodle, Dallas Doodles, Southern Coast Goldendoodles, Happy Top Doodles, Dreamcatchers Doodles, Eagles Nest Goldendoodles, Four Gables Doodles
  • Indiana: Winding Creek Ranch, Gertie’s Goldendoodles
  • Iowa: Star Creek Kennel, L.L.C., Kutabays Kennel
  • Kentucky: GoldenQuest, Knox Family Goldens & Doodles, Tallulah’s Doodles
  • Louisiana: Elimwood Farm Goldendoodles
  • Maine: Acadia Goldendoodles, MidCoast Doodles
  • Maryland: CurlyDOODLES, Rocks & Roses Doodles
  • Massachusetts: MaDoodles
  • Missouri: Majestic Rose Goldendoodles
  • Ney Jersey: Britannia Farms LLC
  • New York: Lakeview Doodles, Deans Creek Doodles
  • North California: Euro GoldenDoodles, Dogwood Doodlebugs, Above and Beyond Standards, Parfait Mischen Goldendoodles, Gorgeous Goldendoodles, Doodle Acres, DoodleSmith, Doodling All Day Goldendoodles, Lake Road Doodles, Kaosfarm Goldendoodles, Bailey Mountain Doodles, Goldendoodlesthelewisway, Peters Puppies, Oopsie Doodles of NC, Mini Me Doodles
  • Ohio: Keepsake, Hello Beautiful Goldendoodles
  • Oklahoma: Down Home Doodles
  • Oregon: Wonderland Goldendoodles
  • Pennsylvania: Bear River Doodles, Homespun Doodles
  • South Carolina: Fountain Falls Goldendoodles, Upstate Goldendoodles, Soul’s Ease Goldendoodles, Seventh Heaven Goldendoodles, Lowcountry Goldens, Saluda Ridge Goldendoodles, Marlee’s Doodles
  • South Dakota: Hillsview Farm
  • Tennessee: Flying Feather Farm, Twin City Doodles, Dapper Doodles of Tennessee, Blue Ridge Doodles
  • Texas: Made For TV Doodles, Blackwater Doodles, Dacus Doodles
  • Virginia: Family Labradoodles and Goldendoodles, Beechwood Goldendoodles
  • Washington: Summit Goldendoodles
  • West Virginia: Fox Creek Farm Goldendoodles
  • Wisconsin: Beck Kennel
  • British Columbia (Canada): Bren’s Doodles
  • New Brunswick (Canada): Chain Kennels
  • Norway: Teddy Doodle Delight

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