How to Find Black Goldendoodle Breeders Near Me

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Goldendoodle is a mix between Golden Retriever and Poodle. If we want a Black Goldendoodle, where can we go? Of course, you can go to a Goldendoodle breeder? But, the problem is, how to find a Black Goldendoodle breeder near me? We will inform you about it here.

Finding Black Goldendoodle Breeders Near Me

It is not easy to find a black Goldendoodle. It is not because they are rare, but they are uncommon. However, if you are persistent, you will be able to find a black Goldendoodle.

Black Goldendoodle

How to find a black Goldendoodle breeder near me? There are some ways that you are able to do to find black Goldendoodle breeders near you.

The first way that you are able to do is by asking the nearest people. Of course you have neighbours. So, you are able to try to ask them about the nearest black golden breeders to them who know they know something about it. Moreover, if they have dogs at their home, they may know something about black Goldendoodle breeders. Alternatively, you are able to ask your friends, especially those who have dogs. They may know where to find black goldendoodles or they may recommend you to the breeders where they got their dogs and then you can go to the breeders to find whether they have black goldendoodles or not.

The second way that you are able to do is to use the modern technology in your hand. You are able to open your browser and then try to find the black Goldendoodle breeders near you by using ‘nearest black Goldendoodle breeders’. Then, Google will give you some recommended breeders which then you can get to know more by accessing the breeders which are given by Google. You can check one by one of the results and if you decide to visit the breeders, you can contact them to make an appointment. It is done just to make sure that they are available when you visit them.

When you find a website selling dogs and then you decide to buy a black Goldendoodle from there, you have to make sure that the website is trusted. It means that it is not a scam. There may be people who scam others by making a website where they pretend to sell puppies or dogs. They do that just for getting some advantages from you. So, you have to be careful.

You can also try to search the nearest black goldendoodle breeder by using a search website such as Adopt A Pet site. On that site, you just have to enter the breed, location, distance, gender and age. Then, click the Search button.

If you access Golden Association Of North America, you can also find the goldendoodle breeders available in America. On the site, there is a list of breeders. You can see one by one and then check the site of each breeder. After you are sure with one of the breeders, then you are able to contact them to get more information.

Some Websites Which Sells Black Goldendoodles

Some Websites Which Sells Black Goldendoodles

If you try to search black Goldendoodle breeders through your browser, one of the results may be Eagle Cross Kennels which can be accessed at As you can see in the website, they are professional breeders of Goldendoodle puppies for sale.

As also you can see in the home page of their website that the Golden puppies that they sell are non-shedding, low allergic and very smart. The trainability of their puppies are also very high. How about skill in hunting and retrieving? You do not need to doubt because these skills are excellent.

Black Goldendoodles are the dogs that they breed. Black Goldendoodles that they breed are a mix between AKC registered Golden Retriever (SIRE) and AKC registered Standard Poodle (DAM). By combining these dogs, they produce wonderful puppies for a loving home to enjoy.

Eagle Cross Kennels has a mission. It is to provide healthy Black Goldendoodle puppies for sale with good temperament to individuals or families who want to have a pet. Also, Eagle Cross Kennel provides stud services for black, cream and dark red goldendoodle. Their service can be enjoyed in the United States, Canada.

So, if you live in Canada, then this breeder can be one of your choice. You are able to try to access the website first to see what they provide for you. If you want to contact them, you are able to call at 330-51907757 or you are able to send them an email at

According to the website, here are some key benefits of getting black Goldendoodles from them.

  • The black Goldendoodles are loving and kids friendly.
  • The black Goldendoodles are low or even no shedding and hypoallergenic.
  • The black Goldendoodles have better health based on generation development.
  • The black Goldendoodles are combined from a Golden Retriever Hair with Standard Poodle fur to create a superior coat.
  • The black Goldendoodles get high trainability.
  • Eagle Cross Kennels have wonderful service dogs for seeing, eye, and hearing impaired.

Another website that you are able to access is If you buy a goldendoodle here, you will get the puppies with these things:

  • Life’s Abundance Dog Food starter bag which is used to get them started in their new home.
  • Blanket which has scent from siblings to help the transition to their new family.
  • Microchip with paperwork to register puppies under new owners address or contact information.
  • Full record of vaccinations and de-wormer given.
  • Copies of fathers AKC papers and also AKC papers of mother’s parents.
  • Health guarantee for one year.

Their puppies are only sold as pets. They do not sell the puppies for any breeding programs. So, they will require a written contract that you will have spayed or neutered as soon as it is recommended by their veterinarian.

Once again, if you access some online breeders or even offline breeders, you have to make sure that they are trusted. You have to check everything before you make a deal.

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