Goldendoodle in Need of Home

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For those who have a thought of adding a Goldendoodle to your family, adoption is a great option. Goldendoodle is known as the specialized breed. However, there are still thousands of Goldendoodles in animal shelters across the country.

Adopting Goldendoodle is such a good idea, whether the young or the adult one. Some people prefer the young one as they want them to grow under their supervision. Looking after the puppy during their initial training is one of the reasons. Basically, the Goldendoodle puppies are cute when they are puppies. As for the adult one, it can be also a good idea, especially for a person with a busy schedule when the chances of you to care for your puppy is small. If you are not fond of the cute thing, it is also can be a great option. The adult one also tend to be more behaved and will not cause unexpected petty turmoil around your house which can give you a lot of minor headaches.

Before adoption a Goldendoodle, there are several things that you have to consider. First, the lifespan of the Goldendoodle. Apparently, the lifespan is approximately 10-15 years, so you have to be prepared to commit to the lifetime with your pet. Second, if you are renting or living in the apartment, please check the landlord to find out whether pets are allowed in your area. Third, make sure that your place is suitable for the Goldendoodle. You can do it by evaluating the safety of your home, backyard, and street, and determine whether there is enough space for the puppy to live comfortably in your place. Fourth, consider your lifestyle. If you are busy ,rarely in home, and live alone, then you will have to find a dog walker to care for your pet while you are at work or out of town. Fifth, do your research on Goldendoodle, and familiarize yourself with their needs, lifestyle, and behavior habits. Sixth, if you have children, please talk to them about the rules and responsibilities of taking care of a pet. Seventh, there will be the adjustment period when you bring your new pet home. In this case, you have to be patient and give yourself and your family time to adjust.

If you are sure with your decision to take care of a Goldendoodle, you are able to look for a Goldendoodle in need of home at some places such as Labradoodle Rescue & Goldendoodle Rescue (a volunteer foster based rescue comprised of the collective of more than 800 registered volunteers nationwide), International Doodle Owners Group (a non-profit group of volunteers, dedicated to the protection of Labradoodles and Goldendoodles), Adopt A Pet (a largest non-profit pet adoption website based in North America), Poo Mix Rescue (a virtual rescue operation), Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (a non-profit relying on donations, supporters, fundraising, and event and retail proceeds for funding to provide the top quality care to all dogs), and many more.

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