Goldendoodle Biting Problems

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Goldendoodle is the name of the cross between the two well-known dogs which are Golden Retriever and the Mini or Toy Poodle. Goldendoodle of any generation is usually friends of everyone and strangers to no one. this aspect makes them the ideal option as the family dog.

Due to the affable and outgoing personalities, Goldendoodle also makes the perfect companions for people with disabilities. They are all cheerful, trustworthy, gentle, affectionate, smart and highly trainable pets that have the keen desire to please everyone. If they are properly socialized, they can get along really well with children, strangers, and other companion animals. They do not have the certain strong prey and can be quite compatible with cats and smaller dogs when it is introduced in the good way. They are considered as the social dogs that thrive in the presence of people and crumble if they are not given enough time, attention and love. Just like any other dogs, Goldendoodle can also get into mischief and develop behavioral problems if theya re left alone for long periods of time.

Biting is one of the problems of Goldendoodle. All the dogs, including Goldendoodle, bite for reasons that can be traced back to the instrict and pack mentality. When the Goldendoodle bites and nip on the other dogs and people, it means they are exploring their environment and learning the new place in the pack. If it happens to your Goldendoodle, you have to show them that mouthing and biting are not acceptable by teaching the bite inhibition. For your information, some of the motivation to bite or snap are fear or defensiveness, protection or property, pain or sickness, dominance assertion, predatory instinct, and so on.

As stated before, if your Goldendoodle has biting problems, it is time for you to give your puppies the training proper bite manners. You can start the method by substituting your hands, fingers, feet, and toes with the chew treats and toys when you want to pet your Goldendoodle. Aside from yourself, children also has to be taught this method. The moment you try to pet your Goldendoodle or give them the scratch, prepare a toy or chew treat in the other hand to offer him. By doing this step, they will direct their chewing and biting onto the object rather than your hand. Another thing that you have to do is to switch the hand with the toy in it often so the Goldendoodle will not anticipate which hand it is in and make the lap at it. This one is to show the puppy that people and petting are good things, and so are chewies or toys. It might take some time so be patient and do not lose hope.

For further information about the biting problems of Goldendoodle and the method to solve everything, you are recommended to seek a help from a vet. Do not hesiatte to consult with them. In addition, you can also discuss with the community of Goldendoodle.

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