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Goldendoodle is a popular choice of a family pet. This kid-friendly, active dog is affectionate, trainable, sociable, and lots of fun. But despite being called “Golden,” these Goldendoodles come in a variety of awesome colors.

Black and White Parti Goldendoodles

Black and white Parti Goldendoodles have a coat color which is at least 50% white and the rest of their coat is black. The black color appears in random patches which are typically around the eyes and ears, chest, legs and backs. This coat pattern is frequently confused with Tuxedos. However these Goldendoodles are going to have predominantly white bodies instead of having predominantly black bodies like Tuxedos.

For your information, Tuxedo Goldendoodles have their unique markings that are uniform and include a white belly, white bib, white hind legs, and black color which extends down the entirety of their backs. A black and white parti Goldendoodle does not have these unique markings. Their black patches are able to be almost anywhere on their bodies.

Tuxedo Goldendoodles Black and White

Also, Black and white Goldendoodles are very rare. As we said before, they have a white nose, white chest, and a streak of white across the top of their own heads. While Tuxedo Goldendoodles are different. They have a white bib, white belly, white hind legs, and being black down their whole back. The unusual coloration is reached by breeding a parti Poodle and a Golden retriever.

Tuxedo Goldendoodles


Do Goldendoodle Breeders Try to Achieve Black And White Coloring For Their Clients?

The breeders are going to be unique in what they will and will not breed.  Any reputable breeder is going to follow a set of standards which protect the health of the Goldendoodle breed and the puppies themselves, regardless of the color or pattern.  In the end, the safety of breeding and the safety of breeding for animals have to be considered.

That being said, lots of breeders are going to try to produce a black and white Goldendoodle.  Bu, many breeders hope that most clients are going to understand that there is the possibility of variances in coloring.

Lots of breeders, like their clients, believe that getting a particular appearance on a Goldendoodle is a nice thing. But, in the end, they realize and hope their clients are going to understand that the black and white Goldendoodle is secondary. While adopting a black and white Goldendoodle in a family may be hoped for, other qualities like temperament, health, and shedding are more crucial.

If the Black And White Goldendoodle is Rare, Are They Also More Expensive?

Yes, black and white Goldendoodles can be more expensive. But, many factors determine the price of a Goldendoodle. Generally, the mixed colored dogs of Parti and other patterns will cost more.  How rare a color is, naturally will increase the cost, and producing the black and white Goldendoodle coloring is not easy.

The location of the breeder and client become one of factors into pricing.  Their experience and knowledge will play a part in how costly their Goldendoodle puppies will be. A good reputation as a breeder can warrant a pricier puppy, however health and character also must have no limits.  Most people looking at a Goldendoodle puppy, regardless of their coloring, of course want their dog to be healthy, strong, happy and pleasant.

Other factors which determine the price for a Goldendoodle dog, regardless of whether they are black and white, include their size and the supply and demand.  Smaller Goldendoodles can come with a smaller price.  And larger Goldendoodles may come with a bigger price tag.

Age, whether they are adopted, rescued, or purchased from a breeder, health of the dog, litter size and timing will factor into the price. Whether the dog is black, brown, golden, or black and white will play into the final price tag.

Do The Coloring Of Black And White Goldendoodles Affect Their Health Due To Their Genetics?

Yes, it is possible for coloring to be related to health problems, but not in a direct way. This is true of the Merle black and white color pattern of Goldendoodle.  The Merle color pattern, which is produced by a particular gene, will be able to cause health problems.

These health problems can include an increased risk of deafness, blindness, and certain forms of cancer. Discovering a skilled, knowledgeable, and the experienced breeder will be able to prevent these health issues from cropping up in the Goldendoodle puppies. Also, knowledge of parental background and safe breeding practices must be used.

Will The Coloring Of Black And White Goldendoodles Affect Their Personality And Temperament?

The answer can be yes and no.  The black and white Goldendoodle should not affect their personality. Also, the black and white Goldendoodle should not affect their temperament.  Their breeding will determine this unique part of the Goldendoodle.  The character of their purebred parents are going to determine the outcome.

Also, personality is determined by genetics. But it can be individual to the dog, and of course, be affected by outside sources, including environment and lifestyle. Lots of circumstances and situations are able to shape and change the dog’s personality, possibly including whether they are golden or black and white.

Does Generation Affect How Much Black And White A Goldendoodle Can Have?

Yes, the generation of the Goldendoodle will be able to affect coloring as it does everything else about the dog. However, Multi-generational Goldendoodles can be less predictable in all areas. Certain qualities are able to be watered down, absent, or improved with each generation.

What Other Colors Are Available Besides Black And White Goldendoodles?

There are many colors and patterns for a Goldendoodle besides black and white. For your information, Goldendoodle dogs come in over 20 different colors and color combinations. Need to know that there are 12 solid goldendoodle colors and eight different coat patterns.

Here are other colors are available besides black and white Goldendoodle:

  • Abstract
  • Apricot
  • Black
  • Blue (gray)
  • Brindle
  • Champagne
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Merle
  • Parti
  • Phantom
  • Red
  • Sable
  • Silver
  • Silver Beige
  • Tan
  • Tuxedo
  • Tricolor
  • White

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