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Candy Doodles Goldendodoles is a name of a breeder. This one is located in Florence, SC. The main mission of this breeder is to breed the adorable and quality Goldendoodles with the excellent temperaments. There is a thing called extensive health testing on the parents is done to produce the happy and healthy Goldendoodle puppies.

Every Goldendoodle puppy from Candy Doodle Goldendoodles is health tested and are fed quality food. All of them are all spoiled by the owner and the guardian families with lots of attention, exercise, and love.

Basically, there are some things that you can expect from he Goldendoodle puppies offered by Candy Doodles Goldendoodles. Some of them are the health tested parents, the standard, medium, and mini sizes, the 2 year health guarantee for congenial issues, spray and neuter contact (there is no breeding rights), vet checked and first vaccine by licensed vet, lifetime breeder support, michrochipped by licensed vet, dewormed every 2 weeks, puppy take home bag.

How much does it cost for a Goldendoodle puppy in Candy Doodle Goldendoodles? According to the official website of Candy Doodle Goldendoodle, the solid colors cost $2,000. As for the unique markings like parti, abstract, tuxedo, phantom, and so on, the price is $2,500. Is there a deposit to purchase a Goldendoodle from this place? The answer to the question is yes. Apparently, the deposit of $300 is taken off the total cost.

If you are interested in taking a Goldendoodle puppy home from Candy Doodle Goldendoodles, here are the steps of adoption process that you have to follow. First, master the waiting lists. You have to take a note that Candy Doodle Goldendoodle reserves the first 2 spots in each litter. If your request is approved, then you will be told what number on the wait list and you would be if you put down a deposit to hold that spot. Furthermore, the number on the wait list that you are given does not include the 2 spots on every litter that is reserved by Candy Doodle Goldendoodles. When the puppy is born, you will be asked to see if you are interested in that puppy from the litter.

If you are not, then you can skip it and wait for the next one. if after 18 months the situation remains same, your name will be removed and the deposit will not be refunded. Second, once you meet with your dream Goldendoodle puppy, then you have to make the full payment. Third, you can pick out your puppy when it is around 4-5 weeks old. You will be able to pick out the puppy by videos and pictures provided by the owner, along with the information they give. In order to protect the puppy and the other ones, they will not allow visitation until the day they are ready to go home. the reason behind it is because the puppies have not been vaccinated. Fourth, take your puppy home. This step can be done when the puppy is 8 weeks old.

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