Bernedoodles are the Perfect Family Dog

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The mix of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle called Bernedoodles are known to be the perfect dogs for family. This designer breed is quickly becoming a popular one among the families due to their friendly and playful personalities. They are loyal, intelligent, and not hard to train.

Due to the fact that they are really patient with children, Bernedoodles can make great companions for children. So, for those who have children in your place, there is no excuse for you to not get this breed as your pet. Not only that, this breed is also good with the other pets. If you already have a pet in your place, adding this breed would be a good idea.

The sizes, the colors, and the coat types of Bernedoodles vary, making it easy for you to find the one that will fit into the lifestyle of your family. One of the good things about this breed is the fact that it is generally low maintenance. They only need occasional grooming and exercise. Once again, Bernedoodle is definitely a perfect option for any family that is currently looking for a pet to take care of and to share the great moments.

Bernedoodles are the Perfect Family Dog

History of Bernedoodle

A breeder named Sherry Rupke of Swissridge Kennels claims to be the first to intentionally breed Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle to make Bernedoodle in 2003. Actually, the hybrid of those dogs have accidentally existed before 2003.

However, according to PetSmartGo, the idea of the Bernedoodle was born in 1988 when a professional dog breeder residing in upstate New York named Mary Cotter wanted to make a hybrid that would result in low shedding and good with children. At the time, the woman mixed her childhood Bernese Mountain Dog with her Poodle. As a result, she got a cute little one. Following the success, she started breeding them for sale. Since then this breed has become one of the best pets for families.

Personality of Bernedoodle

By having the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle as their parents, it is not surprising that the personality traits of Bernedoodles are same or similar to their parents. They are known to be intelligent, hardworking when needed, loyal, and a bit goofy. For those with children and the other dogs, there is nothing to worry if you want to add a Bernedoodle as they are good with them as long as they are socialized properly.

While they are lovely, some Bernedoodles may be stubborn, which they inherited from their Bernese Mountain Dog parents. With this personality that they have, it may be hard to train them. However, as the time passes, it may be easier to do that. During the training, they will do everything well due to their intelligence. Compared to the other dogs, their ability to pick up commands is better. While they are good with children and the other dogs or pets, it may be needed for you to socialize them at a young age as there is a chance for them to get the apprehension of the Bernese Mountain Dog around strangers.

Apparently, Bernedoodles are always full of energy. With so much energy that they have, they need at least moderate exercise. Not only that, they are also always hungry for attention so when you have more time it is recommended for you to spend more time with them, even cuddling on the couch with them would be fine. As long as they are not left alone for long periods of time, it is fine to put them in homes. Compared to the Standard Bernedoodles, the Tiny and Miniature Bernedoodles suit the apartment better. In order to burn off the abundant energy, a long walk is needed. Please take the dog for a long walk every day.

How much does it cost to get a Bernedoodle?

The price of a Bernedoodle can vary, depending on a few factors. However, the average cost is $2,500-$5,000. If you are interested in getting one from a reputable breeder, check out the list of the reputable breeders to consider below:

  1. Breeder name:
    City: Fort Wyane
    State: IN
    Phone: 2603859100
  2. Breeder name: Parkville Bernedoodles
    City: Kansas City; Seattle
    State: MO; WA
    Phone: 8167691282
  3. Breeder name: Bearcreek Bernedoodles
    City: Rockford
    State: MI
    Phone: 616-951-2777
  4. Breeder name: Bernedoodle Babies
    City: Greenbrier
    State: AR
    Phone: 501-470-6218
  5. Breeder name: Bouncing Bernedoodles
    City: Rochester
    State: MN
    Phone: 507-251-1909
  6. Breeder name: Bernerlandia
    City: Laceys Spring
    State: AL
    Phone: 4087479374
  7. Breeder name: Sammydoodle Bernedoodles
    City: Jamestown
    State: MO
    Phone: 660-537-0182
  8. Breeder name: Lonestar Bernedoodles
    City: Dallas; Osage City
    State: TX; KS
    Phone: 9728044099; 620-757-0273
  9. Breeder name: Missouri Bernedoodles
    City: Maryville
    State: MO
    Phone: 660-582-1645
  10. Breeder name: Utah Bernedoodle
    City: Tetonia
    State: ID
    Phone: 435-744-9036

For those who prefer adopting instead of buying from a breeder, some rescues that you can consider include:

  1. Doodle Rescue Collective or DRC Inc. – Rhode Island
  2. IDOG Rescue – Texas
  3.      Doodle Rock Rescue – Texas
  4. Somerset Cottage Poodle Rescue or SCPR – Virginia
  5. Michigan doodle Rescue Connect or MDRC – Michigan

Bottom Line

One again, the Bernedoodles are such perfect family dogs. They are the best options for families, even the ones with children. If you are planning to get one but you have one or more children, it is important for you to make your children know how to properly treat animals like them. It really needs to be done, especially the one that you are planning to get is Tiny or Miniature Bernedoodles as they may be injured more easily.

Overall, Bernedoodles are lovely and love to play with the family members. Their love for the family makes them always want to spend time with them. As mentioned above, this breed is also good with the other dogs. To make them behave well, make sure to start socialization at an early stage and make sure that they are always comfortable with everyone.

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