Shaving Goldendoodle Guide at Home

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Shaving your Goldendoodle dog by yourself can seem like a challenging task. You may not know the proper technique. You want to make sure you do not accidentally hurt your dog. Well, here we are going to explain how to shave Goldendoodle. After you know a proper technique, shaving your Goldendoodle dog is not that difficult.

How to Shave a Goldendoodle at Home?

If you want to shave your Goldendoodle at home, here is how to do that:

Shaving Goldendoodle Guide at Home

1. Bathing Your Goldendoodle

First, you have to give your dog a clean bath. You are able to use a shampoo to clean any dirt in its coat. Also, this will smoothen the hair and give you an easier coat to shave. You are able to use any gentle dog shampoo which you like. Remember, do not let the product get into their eyes. Bathing your dog is very necessary because a dirty coat will not be easy to trim evenly and also can result in you giving your dog a poor haircut. Of course, bathing also eases your dog into the shaving process.

2. Brushing your Goldendoodle’s Hair

After bathing your Goldendoodle, the next step is to brush your Goldendoodle’s hair. By combing your dog’s hair, you are ensuring the shaving will be neatly done. Also, it will be easier to maintain the hair length after there are no tangles in it. When combing the hair, please smooth out each line from the root. Also, ensure to blow dry your Goldendoodle’s hair.

3. Ensure the Tools Ready

Now, you are able to get your Goldendoodle onto the grooming table and ensure all the tools are ready. Also, be sure to keep treats handy. Some tools are Goldendoodle clippers, slicker brush, grooming comb, and grooming scissors. Usually, doodle haircuts are about 30% how the dog is feeling, 20% skill, and 50% how prepared you are.

4. Adjust the Blades

You have to be clear about which part you need to trim the hair and use the appropriate blade. You have to be careful about the coat length. It will be easier to first get the bigger area trimmed. Then, move on to the smaller body parts. The big areas of the Goldendoodle dog’s body can be trimmed with the clippers, whereas the smaller parts need the scissors. You are able to use a one-inch clipper guard to make sure a nice uniform cut.  Next, you are able to get started.

5. Shave your Goldendoodle’s Back

The back of the doodle coat is the biggest body part. It is going to be easy to start with because your Goldendoodle dog will get used to sitting still. Just get your dog in a sitting position for this. Now, you are able to trim the hair starting from the top of their back and make your way downwards. After that, move on to their belly.

6. Shave your Goldendoodle’s Belly

Also, the belly area is easy to access. Just get your dog to stand up and trim the belly hair patiently. After these big body parts are done, you are able to move on to the smaller body parts in whichever order you get comfortable.

7. Shave your Goldendoodle’s Legs and Paws

The hair on the legs is going to be easier to trim by using a bigger blade. First, you have to comb the hair upwards so the hair will stand and also will be easier to clip. Usually, the paws and toes need a smaller blade size of 8 or less. While clipping is used frequently, you are able to try to switch between a clipper and a scissor to get to the hair near the paws.

8. Trim your Goldendoodle’s Ears

The hair under the ear is smaller than the rest of the body, therefore you have to use scissors or shears. Also, blades under size 5 can work. With all the ear flapping, you feel like skipping this part. However, overgrown hair in the ear will lead to infections. In addition, ear cleaners made for the dogs are also a good choice to clean the insides safely.

9. Shave your Goldendoodle’s Face

Look at some styles for face cuts which are easy to do for your Goldendoodle. You have to use brush size 9 to get most of the hair. Then, work with what tool is comfortable for you. Please be slow and calm because the face is a delicate area. Typically, a downward motion will be better while you are trimming your dog. The key areas are the nose, eyes, and mouth. Please trim the fur in front of the eyes for preventing the hair from poking the dog’s eyes. Also, you are going to find food particles which get stuck into your dog’s hair while eating, so it is better to get the hair around this area.

10. Trim the hair under your Goldendoodle’s Tail

Now, you are able to clip your Goldendoodle’s tail. Then, you are able to trim the hair under it. Need to know that trimming the hair under your Goldendoodle’s tail will help keep any feces from sticking to it.

11. Shave your Goldendoodle’s Armpits

Keep in mind that this area should be saved for the last because it is sensitive and will be most matted. Please remember to clean it during the shower and then trim your Goldendoodle’s armpits to a comfortable length for the dog.

12. Trim your Goldendoodle’s Nails

It is best to trim your Goldendoodle’s nails manually with a nail clipper to make sure you do not cut them too short because the dog nails will bleed when they are cut too short. In alternative, you are also able to use a dog nail grinder. It is an electric nail trimmer which does not clip nails and instead grinds at them to shorten them without cutting away too much.

13. Finishing Off

The last step, you are able to brush the coat once again after the trimming is done. You may want to wipe off your dog gently using a soft cloth with warm water to soothe them. Also, you are able to give your dog a blow-dry to remove any loose hair from their body.

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