Mobile Pet Grooming Services

Mobile pet grooming is the name of a companion animal service sector that is rapidly growing for a host of reasons. People lead very busy lives and there are more older pet owners than ever who are less mobile themselves, a lot of people now seek convenience and ease in caring for their pets.

Mobile pet grooming is also potentially a perfect choice for pets that get stressed when travelling by car, are anxious or aggressive in the presence of the other pets, or are elderly and less able to get around. Even better, a certain pet does not need to sit in a cage for hours. The pets are in and out, as they are serviced right at the doorsteps of the clients.

What are the benefits of owning a mobile pet grooming business? Among the benefits of owning a mobile grooming business as opposed to operating out of a brick and mortar location is that you do not need to pay rent or property taxes or utility costs. Aside from that, your hours are more flexible. You are able to justify charging more for your services, and your vehicle can be a virtual rolling ad for your business.

How to get started in your own mobile pet grooming services business? First, get experience. Before launching any kind of business it is better for you to actually work in the industry and acquire enough experience and training to build your skills and confidence. You are able to go about this in a number of ways, from apprenticeships with established groomers to working for another groomer and or formal training that leads to certification. The process will give you some advantages. Second, determine mobile pet grooming business licensing and insurance requirements. First of all, you need to find out what type of business licenses, permits, and insurance you need for your certain region. Then, check with your city, town, or country government offices to learn what is needed. Third, determine the cost of the equipment you will need. Creating a mobile pet grooming service can be expensive. You may decide to wait until you have more money in the bank once you look at the costs.

There are a few tools that you need. The first one is a vehicle. Depending on what type of startup capital you have, the price of a mobile grooming vehicle can range from $10,000 to $100,000. The second one is grooming tools and equipment. While you need the usual tools of the trade required for a brick and mortar pet grooming operation like clippers, combs, sinks, shampoos, shears, brushes, grooming tables, dryers, and so on, some other equipment is involved that is unique to running a mobile operation. Those include a power generator, water tank, liquid and solid waste containers, adequate lighting, water heater, power connections, and many more. In addition, you also need to think about the proper flooring, ventilation, where the waste will be disposed, general maintenance, and many more.

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