Mobile Dog Groomers Near Me and Prices

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Regardless of how good you may have become at grooming your pet dog or no matter how complete your pet grooming kit you have, chances are you will still need the services of a professional dog groomer. While some people would rather bring the pets to their favorite dog grooming salon, there are some others who prefer having the groomer come to them.

For those who are new, these groomers who come to your house are called mobile dog groomers. Since these experts come to your house, their services are naturally more expensive. The question is, how much should do pay for mobile dog grooming?

One of the most obvious disadvantages of mobile dog grooming is that it is a little bit more expensive compared to what pet grooming salons will usually change you. However, for those who are going to factor your time, effort, and the stress that travel time can bring to your dog, then perhaps this one is well worth it. Aside from that, you can consider the fuel you will need to put into your car or even the risk of meeting an accident as you travel to and from the grooming salon. In general, mobile dog groomers can change you anywhere from $30 to $50 for the low end market and a minimum of $70 for those in the higher end. There are some factors that can play into the determination of the cost of mobile dog grooming. In addition to these rates, they typically charge you an additional $10 to $15 as a convenience fee.

You need to find the nearest mobile dog grooming to reduce the cost. Apparently, mobile dog groomers located in metropolitan areas that have a high cost of living typically charge rates than those places with lower cost of living. For instance, residents in Palo Alto, California will usually be paying more for those mobile dog grooming services than those from Modesto since the cost of living in the former is higher compared to that of Modesto.

Actually, there are no standards when it comes to the cost of mobile dog grooming. The prices are usually dedicated by some factors that usually include the breed of the dog, its temperament, the location of both the groomer and the client, the different services offered, and the frequency of using such services.

A few mobile dog groomers offer a variety of grooming packages or a la carte services that fit right in your budget. For instance, standard nail care can set you back by around $25 to $30. However, if you bundle it with another grooming service, then it can be reduced to just $15 to $20. The same thing is true for toothbrushing and ear cleaning.

Once again, mobile dog grooming does have its pluses and minuses. However, if you look closely at its cost and weigh in the advantages, you would definitely want to avail of such a service for your dog rather than you bringing it to the pet grooming salon.

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