Complaints Against Dr Marty’s Dog Food

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Dr. Marty dog food is one of the most popular dog foods. The formula of it utilizes the ingredients in the closest similar form to the raw in the wild. It is renowned for its freeze-dried dog food recipe which brings the most out of the raw ingredients without spoiling the taste or freshness.

A lot of people think that Dr. Marty dog food is really good for your pooches irrespective of the breed of your dog. The company prepares this wholesome food with freeze-dried, all natural ingredients which help retain all the nutrients in the food which reach to your pooch when you serve them. As stated before, it is similar to what your dog would eat if he would eat while being in the wild.

Though a lot of people are satisfied with Dr. Marty dog food, some other ones have complained about it. The complaints are mostly about the price. Some people think it is overpriced and is not worth it. Aside from complaining about the price, a small amount of people have complained about how their dogs are not fond of the product, which is leading to them complaining about the return.

With a lot of natural ingredients packed into a bag of Dr. Marty’s dog food, it can be considered a premium dog food. As such, this one demands premium prices compared to the other dog foods. Dr. Marty dog food contains 16 ounces of food and, at the time of publishing, were available via the following pricing tiers:

  • 1 bag: $29.95
  • 3 bags: $83.95
  • 6 bags: $161.70

One pound of dog food has about four cups of food in it, meaning a bag can last a 20 lb. dog for three days. The bigger your dog is, the fewer the days the food will last, with 90 pound dogs consuming nearly a whole bag in a day.

With this in mind, some people think that Dr. Marty dog food pricing is considerably high, as a 20 pound dog will need about 9.5 bags of food to make it through a 30 day month or around $275 a month for 10 bags.

Another company who provides free-dried raw dog food called Open Farm sells 13.5 oz. bag for $29.99, which ends up being more expensive than Dr. Marty dog food because each Open Farm bag contains 2.5 fewer ounces of dog food.

Here is a quick overview of the return policy of Dr. Marty dog food. You have 90 days to return the dog food if you do not feel it is a good fit. The website of the product goes as far as to say they will refund 100% of your purchase price if you do not see noticeable improvements in the health and happiness of your dog. Please keep in mind that the food ships to you for free but you will have to pay return shipping.

The complaints against Dr. Marty dog food can be found on a lot of websites or forums. If you want to complain, you can go to one of them, write a message, and the representative of Dr Marty will reply to you.


  1. I am still waiting for my Oder been 2 weeks and still haven’t received the order I think this will be last order

  2. I paid for (4 ) 16oz bags at the price of $113.90. The rich people can afford to pay that price. This dog food didn’t do a think for my dogs. I feel it is a scam.

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