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Bernese Mountain Dog is known as a very versatile working dog from the farmlands of Switzerland. This kind of breed develops to herd cattle, pull carts, and be watchdogs and loyal companions. They are one of the four kinds of Swiss Mountain Dogs and the only one with long hair.

Are you looking for Bernese Mountain Dog puppies for sale? If the answer to the question is yes, please avoid Craigslist, the name of the classified ads website based in America with sections devoted to job, housing, community service, gigs, for sale, items wanted, services, resumes, and discussion forums.

Actually, it is fine to check Craigslist for Bernese Mountain Dog puppies or any other breeds from reputable rescue organizations or shelters. However, it is not a good idea to try to buy a dog off the site. As White said, good breeders don’t sell dogs on Craiglist. They do not need to look for buyers, they already have a good reputation and usually have a waiting list. He explained that scammers frequently use free classified sites and the other elaborate tricks like disposable cell phones and phony vet records to dupe people into sending them cash. The man added that the scammers are getting more and more clever in their practises. He saw people deceived from all educational levels and economic backgrounds so no one is immune. Basically, avoiding the scams may mean avoiding free advertising sites altogether.

There was a case of a stolen dog sold on Craigslist. It has been known that a lot of stolen phones, computers, and the other electronics are often resold on this site. But a dog? According to the Monroe Police Department, a Monroe girl was arrested for selling a stolen dog on the Craigslist. She was scheduled to babysit an old black lab while the owner was out of the town. But instead of taking care of the dog, she sold her for $200 on the popular classified site.

Fortunately, through a bit of social media help, the family got their stolen dog back. The stealer posted the dog on Craigslist as a Great Dane puppy. She said she bought the dog for $200, and when the original returned home, the girl told the owners that the dog ran away.

When the new owner of the dog posted images of the dog on her Facebook page, a friend recognized the dog from the original family. The dog then was reunited with the original family at the police station and the stealer was arrested for first degree trafficking and theft or a pet. The dog was really happy and excited when she was back home with her original family.

Once again, it is better for you to avoid Craigslist. If you are looking for Bernese Mountain Dog puppies, please find a reputable breeder. In order to find the reputable breeders, you can visit a site called Local Puppy Breeders. It will help you in finding the reputable breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs puppies near your area.

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