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Jersey Doodles Goldendoodles is the name of a breeder of Mini Goldendoodles. This one is located near Long Beach Island, New Jersey (just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean). As one of the breeders, the owner takes the great pride in the puppies that they have to offer, every puppy is socialized from day one in a home with children that give each and every puppy attention and affection. The owner thinks that children are important part of the puppies daily socialization. They are the best way to start the socialization process. Every puppy in Jersey Doodles Goldendoodles has the great dispositions, temperament, and is family friendly.

Furthermore, Jersey Doodles Goldendoodles really cares for each of the puppy as if they were their children. The owner feels it is really important that the puppies know that they are part of the family. There, they will be introduced to many different sounds, animals and people. Basically, they want provide you with the puppy that is ready and willing to be a loving part of your family. they never want the puppies to be afraid of shy.

For those who are interested in taking a Goldendoodle puppy from Jersey Doodles Goldendoodles, first of all, you have to fill out a thing called the deposit contract. The deposit contract can be described as the non-refundable contract agreement. In the contract, you will agree to pay the non-refundable deposit of a certain amount to hold a Goldendoodle puppy that you want. Apparently, the deposit is only refundable if the death or illness of the desired puppy occurs before the pick up date. You have to take a note that the balance of the purchase price of the puppy is due when the puppy is picked up at approximately 8 weeks of age. The balance of the puppy itself has to be paid in cash at the time of the pick up. In addition, all deposit checks are to be made out to Luann Rozek. In the deposit contract, you will be required to enter some information such as your name, your address, your phone number, your email address, your signature, the seller signature, the sale price, the deposit, the due, the puppy name, and the gender.

Aside from the deposit contract, there is also a thing known as the puppy purchase contract. The puppy purchase contract is the term to call the legal contract that obligates a buyer (you) to buy and a seller (LuAnn Rozek, the owner of Jersey Doodles Goldendoodles) to sell a puppy. This kind of contract is normal and can be found in all types of businesses. The contract has to feature the seller (LuAnn Rozek, the owner of Jersey Doodles Goldendoodles) and the buyer (you) signatures along with the date of sale.

For further information about Jersey Doodles Goldendoodles, please visit the official website of Jersey Doodles Goldendoodles. If you have any question, you can dial 609 618 8426. Apparently, you can just leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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