Do Goldendoodles Have Growth Spurts?

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As an owner of a Goldendoodle, you may want to know a lot of things about your puppy, including about its growth. One of the things that you may be wondering when it comes to the growth of your puppy is whether it has growth spurts. So, do Goldendoodles have growth spurts?

The answer to the question is both yes and no. Apparently, certain Goldendoodles will experience growth spurts while some others will not. Everything depends on their size. For the Standard and Medium Goldendoodles, they will have growth spurts and these growth spurts will be noticeable.

Do Goldendoodles Have Growth Spurts'

What about smaller Goldendoodles? Do they also have growth spurts? Contrary to the popular beliefs, the smaller ones also do have growth spurts. It is just that they are less noticeable compared to the adult ones due to their smaller size.

During the first 6 months of their life, Goldendodoles will grow. In fact, this period is usually when they reach around half of their adult weight. At this age, they are almost ready at their full adult weight and size. As mentioned before, the change of the larger ones in terms of the size will be seen well over the first 6months.

If you want to know the detailed about the growth of the first 6 months of Goldendoodles, check them out below:

  • Birth to 3 weeks

The first three weeks of the Goldendoodle puppies is known as the first stage of their development. Just like any other puppies, Goldendoodle puppies are born blind, deaf, and have no teeth. These three weeks are important stages in their development. During this period of time, the needs of these puppies, such as food and sleep, can be fulfilled with ease. Everything is mostly done by their mother.

Similar to humans, the growth of Goldendoodle puppies mostly takes place when they sleep. To make the puppy grow well, be sure to allow it to sleep. At the end of this stage, the puppy will know a little bit of their surroundings. They will start barking, crawling, and interacting with the other ones.

  • 3 weeks to 7 weeks

The stage 2, which is 3 weeks to 7 weeks, is very important to the social development of the Goldendoodle puppies. Not only that, this stage is also important to their social development. At this stage, they will grow rapidly. They begin to interact more with the others, including their mother, and so on. When interacting with their mother, they will be taught with a few basic manners and start the weaning process. At the same time, they will find out the way to play with their mates and what they will tolerate. One of the things that they will learn is the method to bite strongly. Besides, they will also find out which one is fine for playing.

  • 7 weeks to 12 weeks

When they are 7 weeks of age, the Goldendoodle puppies are usually able to part away with their mother and go to new homes. At this stage, they may show some signs of fear. For them, everything is scary. There is nothing to worry as it is actually normal.

  • 3 months to 4 months

This stage is when the Goldendoodles will start to become independent. Do not be surprised if they start to challenge or even ignore you. During this stage, they will also start teething around with their very painful gums. Please give them chewing toys unless you want your items to be chewed by them.

  • 4 months to 10 months

During this time, the Goldendoodles will learn the way to adapt to different social situations and to find out the behavior that is approved and the one that is not.

For anyone who wants to see how fast Goldendoodles grow, take a lot of the time lapse photo collage of a Goldendoodle owned by Candace Jensen (an artist, writer, golfer, and CLIfster) named Ace below:

Do Goldendoodles Have Growth Spurts

Isn’t it easy to see the difference between all the photos? Have you ever imagined that the small one on the left can grow into a big one like on the right?

Goldendoodles can be considered to have reached their full height when they have reached their adult size and weight anywhere from one year to 15 months. Once they have reached their adult size, they usually spend their time filling out. Depending on whether they are active and the amount of food that they consume, it is possible for their weight to increase.

Understanding the size of the Goldendoodles can reach when they are adults is important for every dog owner so that they can prepare all the things that are needed since the needs of the adult dogs are surely different compared to when they are adults.

Not only the size, during these growth spurts, Goldendoodles will also go through the other changes. Most of them will feel hungry all the time. Please provide their needs as they will need the extra calories to help keep their bones and joints healthy. When it comes to personality, they will become clumsy and have a hard time keeping up with their feet. This phase will be short and it will go quickly.

The puberty is the next phase of the Goldendoodles after the phase explained above. These pets will become sexually mature with lots of kinds of hormone. Do not be surprised if they are seen protesting or disobeying the commands in training sessions. If the owners fail to fix these issues, some other behavioral issues related to that may be displayed. The good news is that this phase is also temporary, meaning it will pass. Just wait until a few months, the puppy will calm down and behave well and all the bad and inappropriate actions that they showed before will no longer be seen. When the smaller dogs reach 8 months or when the larger dogs are 15 months, they will be done with the maturing.

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