Best Way to Dry a Goldendoodle

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Drying your Goldendoodle’s coat after bathing is really necessary to keep their hair fluffy, straight, clean and much easier to brush through. You really need to wipe your Goldendoodle’s hair completely after the shampoo is thoroughly rinsed from the dog’s body.

Since drying is a necessary step to do, there are a number of drying methods you can choose. Of course, there’s no reason for you to skip this step when bathing your Goldendoodle. If you’re looking for some methods to dry your Goldendoodle’s hair, you can find them in our post below!

Best Way to Dry a Goldendoodle

Here Are Four Methods to Dry a Goldendoodle!

After bathing your Goldendoodle, you can let them dry for a while and then dry them either using air-dry or a blow dryer on a lower setting to avoid your pup getting shocked or hurt its ears. Before doing any further grooming, make sure your pup is completely dry, since the wet coat will appear shorter than it actually is.

However, you also need to thoroughly clean your Goldendoodle ears to prevent water buildup in their ear canals that can sometimes cause ear infections. So, it’s highly recommended for you to choose the great method to dry your Goldendoodle as needed. Here they are:

1. Using Towels

Towel has become a useful and effective way to dry your Goldendoodle’s coat. Reportedly, drying your Goldendoodle with a thick bath tower is such a tried-and-true method to get rid of their coat of excess moisture. Unfortunately, many dog owners are still using the towel improperly.

For example, some dog owners are going to rub their dog’s hair vigorously with one. However, using the towel may not be effective for dogs that have a long or thick coat, as this way will lead to mats and tangles.

As an alternative, the professional groomers will recommend you to press a towel on a wet dogs’ fur to soak as much water as possible. After that, you need to repeat until your Goldendoodle is sufficiently dry. If you use regular bath towels, you probably must have several towels on hand, since they will get sodden quickly.

The best method to dry your Goldendoodle is by using a towel that is specifically designed for dog drying. Well, the absorber towel could be much thinner than a bath towel, but it can draw a lot more water.

The absorber towel also has a smooth surface which will not cause tangles in your dog’s coat. So far, this towel could be easily wrung dry and used over and over again, meaning you will not need some bath towels to dry your Goldendoodle.

2. Using Hairdryer

Another method to dry your Goldendoodle’s coat is to use a hair dryer that can really speed up your pet’s drying time. To avoid accidentally burning your Goldendoodle, you may need to do the following things:

  • Make sure to use your dryer on its lowest setting
  • Keep away the nozzle a couple of inches from your dog’s coat
  • To avoid concentrating the heat in one spot on your canine, make sure to always keep the nozzle in motion

It’s important to note, introducing your Goldendoodle to the hairdryer must be performed gradually, so that they will get used to the noise and sensation of having air blown on its coat. Keep in mind, some Goldendoodle may never accept the use of a dryer and may put up an incredible fight to avoid it.

3. Air Drying

If you use the old-fashioned way in drying your Goldendoodle since your pup has a short coat, they may be going to rub its wet dog smell against your furniture or roll on your carpet. However, leaving your Goldendoodle outside to air dry is not recommended, as it will end up that your pup will be rolling in the grass or dirt soil, ruining your hard work, right?

It’s important to note, air drying is also not recommended for pups which have long, thick or double coats, particularly if the weather is humid. Need to know, a damp coat will be able to lead to matting and also provide an ideal environment for skin infections and other conditions such as hot spots.

4. Quick-Drying Spray

Even though using quick-drying spray is still debated among dog owners, there are still many dog owners who use the spray to reduce their time of grooming their Goldendoodle. It is known that the quick-drying spray contains products which can encourage water to wick away from a dog’s coat.

Reportedly, some dog owners claimed that they see little or no difference in drying time when using the quick-drying spray. If you have a plan to use one of those sprays, you probably need to experiment with the amount you apply to better ensure you gain the best results.

Talking about which of those four methods is great for drying your Goldendoodle, it actually depends on some factors including the type and the length of a dog’s coat and also the weather conditions. The good news, drying your Goldendoodle shouldn’t be complicated.

Okay, those are some best methods to dry a Goldendoodle’s coat. So, make sure to always determine some factors regarding the drying process of your pup based on their need and want.

How to Wash Your Goldendoodle?

As you may not be able to bring your Goldendoodle to the groomer every bath, of course there are some helpful steps you can do to washing your Goldendoodle at home, here they are:

  1. First, you need to wash your Goldendoodle by brushing their coat thoroughly. Make sure to pull the comb gently through your dog’s coat to get rid of any debris and  straighten any tangled areas.
  2. Second, you can give the best and suitable shampoo to your Goldendoodle’s hair to avoid drying out their often sensitive skin.
  3. Third, you have to rinse it thoroughly after you have given your Goldendoodle a good scrub with a suitable shampoo.
  4. Fourth, you can wipe your Goldendoodle’s fur down completely with a dry towel after the shampoo is rinsed thoroughly from the dog’s body.

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